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"Online Identity: An Essential Guide" ed. by Rohit Raja, Amit Kumar Dewangan

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"Online Identity: An Essential Guide" ed. by Rohit Raja, Amit Kumar Dewangan

"Online Identity: An Essential Guide" ed. by Rohit Raja, Amit Kumar Dewangan
ITexLi | 2024 | ISBN: 0854661484 9780854661480 0854661492 9780854661497 0854661506 9780854661503 | 255 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book aims to explore the many facets of this topic, from the importance of building a positive digital presence to managing one's online reputation and privacy. We want to cover different aspects of online identity. This book will focus on the importance of online identity and how it can affect our personal and professional lives.

In today's digital age, having a strong online identity has become more important than ever. We also want to provide strategies for building a strong and authentic online identity, including tips on how to curate social media profiles and manage privacy settings. The book will also delve into the concept of digital footprints and the implications of our online actions, explore online reputation management and how to maintain a positive online image, and analyze the impact of online identity on mental health, including the effects of cyberbullying and social comparison.
The book will look into the future of online identity, exploring emerging technologies such as blockchain-based identity solutions and virtual reality environments. With practical tips and insightful analysis, this book hopes to become an essential guide for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of online identity in the digital age.

1. A Deep Dig into the Feature of “Situational Selves” of Online Identity: A Review of the Concept/Theory of “Situational Selves”
2. Constructing Authenticity: Social Media Influencers and the Shaping of Online Identity
3. Effectiveness of Nonverbal Communicators (CCTV) in Crisis Situations: An Agenda Setting Perspective on the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis
4. Emerging Biometric Modalities and Integration Challenges
5. Mindfulness: The First Line of Defense in Cyberspace
6. Lightweight Ciphers for IoT Data Protection
7. Motives and Consequences of Maladaptive Social Networking Sites Use
8. AI-Powered Security for IoT: A Blockchain Enabled Device Twin Approach
9. Online Activity Tracking in Educational Institutions
10. Rudiments of Online Publishing
11. A Different Kind of Imposter Syndrome: The Appropriation of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture
12. Identity Theft in the Banking System
13. National Identification Systems as Enablers of Online Identity

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