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How To Get Started In Remote High Ticket Sales

Posted By: ELK1nG
How To Get Started In Remote High Ticket Sales

How To Get Started In Remote High Ticket Sales
Published 5/2024
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Learn how to transition your career into high ticket sales and go fully remote!

What you'll learn

What is high ticket sales and how do you get started

How to find high ticket sales clients

Calculating much money can you make with high ticket sales

Best career transition strategies


No sales experience needed


After working with over 1000 sales professionals, helping many quit their jobs, get started in high ticket sales, and go on to make 10-20k/month+ from the comfort of their home. I put together this career transition guide to help anyone who wants to learn how to do the same! In this course you will learn exactly what is high ticket sales, how to find jobs, and pass the interview so you can go remote. As well as practice strategies to develop the skill so you can turn this into a full time 6-figure career. These strategies are up to date, exactly what professionals are using today. My goal is to create a space where high ticket sales is accessible to almost anyone. it's completely changed my life and I love seeing it change the lives of others. Thats why I started Closer College. No $5000 - $10,000 investment. Tons of support. Everything someone needs to make a career out of this as long as they put in the work. I made my first 200k with a low ticket investment, it did so much for me. So I want to open the doors for others to have that shot as well. Is it going to be easy? No. But worth it? 110%.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction: What Is Remote High Ticket Sales

Section 2: Remote High Ticket Sales Finances

Lecture 2 What is the Income Potential of Remote Sales?

Lecture 3 The 3 Financial Targets Needed To Transition

Section 3: Making a Career Transition

Lecture 4 The Path Into Remote Selling

Lecture 5 Remote Sales Career Transition Strategies

Section 4: Learning High Ticket Sales

Lecture 6 Remote Closing Terminology

Lecture 7 Welcome To Mock Calls

Lecture 8 Use Mock Call Sessions Correctly

Lecture 9 Creating a Booking Link

Lecture 10 Booking Mock Calls @ CloserCollege.com

Lecture 11 The Mindset of An Ethical Closer

Section 5: Landing Your First Or Next High Ticket Sales Client

Lecture 12 Beginning Your Job Search

Lecture 13 Sourcing Workflow

Lecture 14 1 Minute Video Review @ CloserCollege.com

Lecture 15 Passing The Interview & Getting Offers

This course is for anyone looking for the best strategies to find high quality high ticket sales clients