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The 7 Skills of Speed Reading

Posted By: Sigha
The 7 Skills of Speed Reading

The 7 Skills of Speed Reading
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A No Gimmicks Course on How to Speed Read

What you'll learn

Know the 7 Skills of Speed Reading and how to improve at each of these skills
Understand that speed reading is an advanced reading skill that anyone can hone, not some gimmick.
Have the skills to grow your reading capabilities continuing throughout life and an understanding of how to do so.
Feel confident that you can finish anything you'd like to read.


While students do not need to be native speakers, they should have fluent English reading skills.
An understanding that the gimmicks in other courses don't work.
An understanding that reading is comprised of skills and understanding and improving those is what makes you read faster.


If you've tried other courses and had limited results, this is the course for you. The 7 Skills of Speed Reading was developed by Katya Seberson one of the top Manhattan tutors with over a decade of experience teaching speed reading and May Ling Lai, a Wall Street executive who actively speed reads as a part of her career and created the youtube channel Diary of a Speed Reader to demonstrate what true speed reading looks like. We are two real actual speed readers that were unhappy with the other courses that existed on the market.

Try our course if:

1) You need to learn to speed read

2) Have tried other courses with limited results

3) Hate reading and are turning to speed reading as a potential solution

We know there are other courses that exist and have also reviewed them ourselves. While the intentions of other instructors are in the right place, most courses have many errors or misleading elements. There are a lot of gimmicks. Others are teaching advanced skimming techniques rather than speed reading. This is unfortunately, because many more people should be able to do this craft and have it augment their livelihood.

A typical speed reader can take in information anywhere from 3 to 5 times faster than the average native English speaking reader. This speed will be 2 to 4 times faster than where listening comprehension breaks down. Given that you can take in information so much faster, speed reading is a major advantage for anyone whose livelihood depends on thinking. In the age of automation, that is nearly every person.

We break Speed Reading into 7 skills that can be developed to grow your skills for the immediate term and for a lifetime. The 7 skills are - at this point - typically indirectly taught or not taught at all in school. They are completely ignored in most other courses. This is likely why so many have experienced mixed results. With this method, you will not give up speed for comprehension.

We believe as more and more people learn the skill, this will be the biggest differentiator in one's career. Most people that are speed readers do not share with others how they acquired the ability. This is true in fields like Law, Technology, Financial Services, Consulting, and more. This is often because they did so by chance and have not thought about how you might transfer this knowledge effectively.

This course provides a no gimmicks way to learn to speed read. It will address claims and misinformation found commonly in other courses. We believe that by providing a real course that addresses the true obstacles that stop people from unlocking their innate abilities, we can help many achieve the goals they have, whether profession or personal.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wishes to improve their reading speed.
People who need to read for a living.
Parents who are not getting answers from teachers on why their child is struggling with reading.

The 7 Skills of Speed Reading

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