Algorithms And Data Structures - Part 1

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Algorithms And Data Structures - Part 1

Algorithms And Data Structures - Part 1
Last updated 12/2020
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Ace your next technical interview!

What you'll learn
Basics of problem solving
Gain deeper understand of Algorithms and Data Structures
Master the skills needed to ace technical interviews
Be able to comfortably program in a programming language of choice
There are four parts to this program. In part 1 of this course, we start with the deep dive implementations on some of the basic linear structures such as Arrays, Queues, Stacks and Dictionary. Understanding data structures are key to problem solving. In part 2 of the course we will deep dive into problem solving, strings, Linked List and recursion. In part 3, we deep dive into more problem solving and dynamic programming.Finally in part 4, we will cover Trees and Graphs.Happy coding!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Course Structure

Lecture 3 Practice makes it perfect!

Lecture 4 What are Data Structures?

Section 2: Arrays

Lecture 5 What is an Array?

Lecture 6 Time and Space complexity - Big O

Lecture 7 Logarithmic Running Time

Section 3: Queues

Lecture 8 Implement a Queue using Arrays

Section 4: Stack

Lecture 9 Implement a Stack using Arrays

Section 5: Dictionary

Lecture 10 Implementation of Dictionary

Section 6: Assignment

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 11 Conclusion of Part 1

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