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Learning eBPF (3rd Early Release)

Posted By: GFX_MAN
Learning eBPF (3rd Early Release)

Learning eBPF (3rd Early Release)
English | 20223 | ISBN: 9781098135119 | 232 pages | EPUB | 4.04 MB

What is eBPF? With this revolutionary technology, you can write custom code that dynamically changes the way the kernel behaves. It's an extraordinary platform for building a whole new generation of security, observability, and networking tools.

This practical book is ideal for developers, system administrators, operators, and students who are curious about eBPF and want to know how it works. Author Liz Rice, chief open source officer with cloud native networking and security specialists Isovalent, also provides a foundation for those who want to explore writing eBPF programs themselves.

With this book, you will
Learn why eBPF has become so important in the past couple of years
Write basic eBPF code, and manipulate eBPF programs and attach them to events
Explore how eBPF components interact with Linux to dynamically change the operating system's behavior
Learn how tools based on eBPF can instrument applications without changes to the apps or their configuration
Discover how this technology enables new tools for observability, security, and networking