PhotoAlto Vol. 032 Children's Life

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PhotoAlto Vol. 032 Children's Life

PhotoAlto Vol. 032 Children's Life
120 images in 25MB - 21 x 29.7 cm (full page, A4) at 300dpi - file format: JPEG-RGB | 288.6 MB

Corinne Malet takes photos of children in an attempt to capture their simple magic and the spontaneousness which we generally abandon as we grow up. Her work is light years away from those photos in which they are treated like small models imitating adult poses: she observes their world in order to understand it and reconstruct it. The result is a series of images always composed but never stiffly posed, in which children are free to be themselves. These fresh, simple and sensitive images touch us with their truth and also because they reawaken in us vivid memories of our own childhood.


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