Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned - The Charmer #1-5 (0f 5) Complete

Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned - The Charmer #1-5 (0f 5) Complete

Anita Blake: Circus of the Damned - The Charmer #1-5 (0f 5) Complete
5 CBR's, 4 in RAR | Marvel Comics | Release Dates May 19 - Oct 27 2010 | 133.48 MB Total
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is the third of Laurell Kaye Hamilton's best-selling series of erotic fantasy novels featuring title character and protagonist Anita Blake, the Vampire Hunter, and also the third such to be adapted into comic book format by Marvel. The previous two novels are , a 12-part limited series and , composed of 3 books, each published by Marvel as 5-part miniseries. is the first book--or act, if you would--of , of which the fifth and concluding issue of this likewise 5-part initial story arc was released last October 27 2010. All of Ms. Hamilton's Marvel publications are posted here by yours truly at Avaxhome. The first four issues of are packed into a single-download RAR archive and all were scanned by erstwhile Minutemen crewmember Kingpin (DangerKing and Rocn-King) so these are expectedly of high quality. The 5th issue is a Minutemen scan.
BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LAURELL K. HAMILTON'S FAN-FAVORITE VAMPIRE HUNTER RETURNS! Anita Blake walked away from her last case with more than a few bruises--but those wounds are nothing compared to the scrapes that lie ahead in this blood-soaked adaptation of Hamilton's third erotic thriller. To find a killer targeting the undead, Anita must descend into the dangerous, supernatural demimonde operated by the master vampire Jean-Claude. It will take all of Anita's wits to survive THE CIRCUS OF THE DAMNED! Explicit Content. -- It's the scorching conclusion to CIRCUS' first act! Featuring the return of one of Anita's most dangerous acquaintances, the monster hunting Edward, this blood-soaked chapter will give Hamilton fans a heart-attack! And hey! What's that cover all about?! Mature Content --

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