Quivic 3.07

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Quivic 3.07

Quivic 3.07 | 4.5 MB

Quivic allows you to download video from YouTube, iFilm or Google Video.Quivic then converts the video so you can play it on your PC, cell phone, iPod or PSP Use Quivic to download video from some of your favorite video source web sites. Provide Quivic with the address of the web page containing the video you want and Quivic will download the video to your computer. You can then tell quivic to convert the video for playback on your PC, Cell phone, iPod or PSP. You can even let Quivic load the final video into iTunes! No iTunes or iPod? No Problem, Quivic will save the video to your desktop as a standard MPEG file so you can view it on your PC. Quivic's design makes downloading and converting videos really easy. In fact, its as simple as drag and drop! Drag a video link from your web browser into Quivic and Quivic gets to work!
There are no complicated settings to worry about; Quivic just gets on with it!