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If you are very new to astrology then I hope that this program will at least prove to be interesting enough for you to delve deeper into the subject. Although It must said that the program is not intended to be a tutorial on the topic: Many books are available from the local library that probe into all aspects of the subject at length. However, the program does come with a comprehensive Glossary of Astrological Terms which will be a great help to new, and intermediate students. The glossary can be viewed from the Help drop down menu.

The program is a tool for calculating the difficult mathematics of the various systems and presenting the data for immediate use. By hand, accurately calculating a chart takes at least one hour. The computer does the same work in less than one second. The only time consuming task (less than one minute) is entering the birth details of the subject. Our program is designed to makes this task even easier.

Astro22 V7 now uses the Swiss Ephemeris calculation routines. This change makes possible the introduction of the main group of asteroids - also most of the hypothetical bodies that are of current interest. All graphic screens and calculation routines within the program have been updated to accommodate these asteroids. The ephemeris gives precision of calculation to less than 1 Second of arc. The commercial CD version of Astro22 V7 contains the full extended ephemeris covering 10,000 years.

The second most important change to our program is the integration of the full PC ACS Atlas as supplied by ACS Publications. The Astro22 V7 Atlas now includes the Full ACS USA Atlas and the Full ACS International Atlas. Astrologers no longer need to be frustrated in their work, having to find the geographical coordinates, time zone and daylight saving of some obscure little Town. The ACS Atlas does this work in less than one second.

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