Susumu Yokota - Symbol: Classical Mashups

Posted By: alarminik
Susumu Yokota - Symbol: Classical Mashups

Incredible Japanese sound sculptor again.
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Yokota is a musician of the sonic contortionist variety, meticulously sculpting sounds and bending them to his will. Symbol features some delicately constructed mashups of classical music, with passages that are both instantly recognizable and relatively obscure. Lightweight and easy on the ears, this album is sonic bliss that samples predominantly from the western musical heritage. It’s an engagingly mellow aural experience. Just Check it out.

Track listing:

01 Susumu Yokota - Long Long Silk Bridge 3m 2s
02 Susumu Yokota - Purple Rose Minuet 3m 36s
03 Susumu Yokota - Traveller In The Wonderland 4m 21s
04 Susumu Yokota - Song Of The Sleeping Forest 4m 19s
05 Susumu Yokota - The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies 2m 27s
06 Susumu Yokota - Fairy Dance Of Twinkle And Shadow 4m 19s
07 Susumu Yokota - Flaming Love And Destiny 4m 55s
08 Susumu Yokota - The Dying Black Swan 2m 25s
09 Susumu Yokota - Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower 3m 59s
10 Susumu Yokota - Capricco And The Innovative Composer 2m 26s
11 Susumu Yokota - I Close The Door Upon Myself 2m 26s
12 Susumu Yokota - Symbol Of Life, Love And Aesthetics 3m 55s
13 Susumu Yokota - Music From The Lake Surface 3m 19s