Riff Interactive Guitar FX and Licks

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Riff Interactive Guitar FX and Licks

Riff Interactive Guitar FX and Licks
1 CD | 34 MB

The story of guitar sound effects is as old as the history of the amplified guitar itself. With the advent of the electric guitar was born a tinkering mentality among its players, who strove to make the instrument sound like anything but an amplified acoustic box with dazzling and remarkable results. The history of modern electric guitar music is indeed defined and punctuated by the innovations of giants like Les Paul, The Ventures, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Andy Summers, The Edge and Joe Satriani, all masters of skillful and musical effects use. The guitar effects tradition has been maintained through numerous stylistic trends by countless players and is embodied in the output of current experimenters like Tom Morello.