Pete Townsend & Ronnie Lane - Rough Mix

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Pete Townsend & Ronnie Lane - Rough Mix

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Genre rock | 1 cd | mp3 256 Kbps | incl Covers | 77 MB

Track listing
1. My Baby Gives It Away
2. Nowhere to Run
3. Rough Mix
4. Annie
5. Keep Me Turning
6. Catmelody
7. Misunderstood
8. April Fool
9. Street in the City
10. Heart to Hang Onto
11. Till the Rivers All Run Dry

The Who's ringmaster Pete Townshend and the Faces' bass man Ronnie Lane took their mutual admiration society to its obvious conclusion on this 1977 all-star effort (with guest appearances from guitarist Eric Clapton, Stones' drummer Charlie Watts, and Bad Co. bassist Boz Burrell). Overall it's an appropriately loose-limbed and rocking affair, with some good tunes traded back and forth (namely Pete's "My Baby Gives It Away" and Ronnie's "Annie"). It's also a little schizophrenic, though; with Townshend's sculpted song structures occasionally at odds with Lane's back porch ditties. There's surprisingly little vocal interplay either; although the one real duet, a hushed take of Don Williams's "Till the Rivers All Run Dry," is the clear highlight of the set

Pete Townsend & Ronnie Lane - Rough Mix