Love Songs for Erhu (Urheen) 2 CDs

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Love Songs for Erhu (Urheen) 2 CDs

恋曲二胡 (Lianqu erhu) - Love Songs for Erhu (Urheen)
Beijing 2004 | 2 CDs | mp3@320k | 323 MB | +cover/liner scans

The erhu (Chinese: 二胡; pinyin: èrhú), sometimes known in the West as the 'Chinese violin' or Chinese two string fiddle, is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, used as a solo instrument as well as in small ensembles and large orchestras. It belongs to the huqin family of bowed string Chinese instruments, together with the zhonghu (中胡), gaohu (高胡), banhu (板胡), jinghu (京胡), sihu (四胡), and numerous others. It is said that there are over 40 different variations of the generic huqin instrument. (Wikipedia on Erhu: cf.

Love Songs for Erhu (Urheen) 2 CDs

I have recently purchased this double CD in China, and ripped it right for the lovers of Chinese music here at AvaxHome. The title is even more poetical in the original: "The Erhu of Love Songs", or why not translate it more generously: "Erhu in Love".

Love Songs 			  		   	  			     		 	    	 			   		 			  		  		  	 			   		 	 	  		 	 	  	 			   		  	   		  	   		   				 for Erhu (Urheen) 2 CDs


Scans (300 dpi, 5 MB):

Music (each 95 MB, except for the last one which is 30 MB):