Luke Combs - Growin’ Up (2022)

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Luke Combs - Growin’ Up (2022)

Luke Combs - Growin’ Up (2022)
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Country | Label: River House Artists - Columbia Nashville

Over the past five years, Luke Combs has become one of contemporary country's biggest stars, topping the charts, winning a slew of awards, joining the Grand Ole Opry and even duetting with Eric Church—who very, very rarely anoints a new artist with his stamp of approval. Combs has succeeded at what's been dubbed post-bro country, a more "traditional" backlash to the past decade's hip-hop inflected movement that embraced weekend warrior-ism and turned women into one-dimensional joke characters. Combs isn't outlaw or outsider, there's nothing "alt" about him. He's not worshiping legends like Haggard or Jennings, but you also won't find any AutoTune, borrowed trap drumbeats or pop crossover potential. And fans love that barstool authenticity. When, on new power ballad "Middle of Somewhere," he sings “Just remember when you're driving through nowhere/ To us that's the middle of somewhere," he nails what a lot of America wants to hear. "I'd be drivin' my first car, an old worn-out Dodge/ Tryin' to make rent with a dead end job, just makin' do/ With tips in a jar, my guitar," Combs sings, his voice exploding with power on "Doin' This"—as in, he'd still be playing music even if he wasn't getting paid big bucks to do it; it's easy to believe the passion. Great big "Any Given Friday Night" stomps. Just as arena-ready is "The Kind of Love We Make," which sounds like an easy-feeling Eagles song, but Combs' rasp makes it all his own. "On the Other Line" is swampy fun and clever wordplay: “Yeah, I’ll clean up the kitchen/ I’ll do the damn dishes/ Baby, I’m wrong, you’re right … Sorry honey, but I got to click over/ I got a six pound largemouth on the other line.” Combs duets with Miranda Lambert on "Outrunnin' Your Memory," her wild-honey angel twang a terrific complement to his macho rasp as Skynyrd-esque guitars tune the country song to Southern rock. "Ain't Far From It" namechecks George Jones, but this is a feel-good ’90s-inspired juke-joint rocker, a la Brooks & Dunn or even Shania Twain. And "Going, Going, Gone" is like a respectful male gaze case on The Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces": "Like lightnin' in the sky/ Like fireworks in July/ … Like a whiskey shot at last call/ It's like she was made for movin' on/ That girl is going, going, gone." Combs sums up his own appeal on the Church-like "Used to Wish I Was," delivering a unique chorus pacing that makes him stand out. "I couldn’t be anybody but me, even if I tried,” he sings. “I used to wish I was, but I’m glad I’m not."


1. Luke Combs - Doin' This
2. Luke Combs - Any Given Friday Night
3. Luke Combs - The Kind of Love We Make
4. Luke Combs - On the Other Line
5. Luke Combs - Outrunnin' Your Memory
6. Luke Combs - Used To Wish I Was
7. Luke Combs - Better Back When
8. Luke Combs - Tomorrow Me
9. Luke Combs - Ain't Far From It
10. Luke Combs - Call Me
11. Luke Combs - Middle of Somewhere
12. Luke Combs - Going, Going, Gone




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