JB Dunckel - Carbon (2022)

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JB Dunckel - Carbon (2022)

JB Dunckel - Carbon (2022)
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Alternative, Electronic, Pop | Label: Prototyp Recording

Carbon, JB Dunckel’s first album in four years, considers the recent uncertainties that have befallen the planet and explores diffuse visions of how a better future might look. There are meditations on existential bliss (the airy, chiming Cristal Mind) and egotistical escapist fantasies (Sex UFO, which can’t help but recall Jeff Bezos phallic rocket). Yet Carbon also considers the subversive pleasures of nihilism: revelling in man’s insignificance compared to the cosmos (the languid Space) and wondering whether big tech might save us yet (the triumphalist Corporate Sunset). The album is a psychological test that reveals the listener’s own outlook, says Dunckel – an artist who taught pop fans how to dream more than 20 years ago as half of the trailblazing cosmic pop duo Air.


01. JB Dunckel - Spark
02. JB Dunckel - Corporate Sunset
03. JB Dunckel, Heather D'Angelo - Space
04. JB Dunckel - Shogun
05. JB Dunckel - Zombie Park
06. JB Dunckel - Dare
07. JB Dunckel - Sex Ufo
08. JB Dunckel - Cristal Mind
09. JB Dunckel - Naturalis Principia Musica




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