Pre-Calculus EVERYTHING Explained

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Pre-Calculus EVERYTHING Explained

Pre-Calculus EVERYTHING Explained
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Everything you need to know in Pre Calculus with all topics of your class curriculum with tons of exercises

What you'll learn

Conic sections
Sequences and series
Probability and combinatorics
Imaginary and complex numbers


Basic knowledge of Algebra and Geometry


The course of Pre Calculus by learn do explain includes all the topic for the entire class curriculum

We will start with:

Trigonometry, where I introduce the trigonometric ratios, the unit circle, and the inverse trigonometric functions. Additionally, I give you some tips so you don’t memorize any of the values from the unit circle

Then we will move to Polynomials, where I introduce arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and long division, as well as factorization, binomial expansion, quadratic polynomials, and much more

The next topic would be functions, where we will talk about parent function and their graphs, transformation of functions, we will learn how to graph the rational function and reciprocal function, and then composite functions and inverse functions

The next topic is vectors. We will study the arithmetic operation of vectors, graph a vector, the unit vector, and tons of exercises

With this, we will start with the topic of matrices. We will study the order of a matrix, the arithmetic operations such as addition subtraction and multiplication of matrices, then we will learn the determinant, inverse matrices, solve systems of equations using matrices and transformations using matrices

The next topic would be conic sections, where we will talk about the equation of the circle. The equation, parts and how to graph parabolas, ellipse, and hyperbolas

Then we will move on to sequences and series. We will study arithmetic and geometric sequences as well as arithmetic and geometric series

After this, we will start with probability and combinatorics, where we will study the fundamental of counting principle, the multiplication rule, mutually exclusive events, overlapping events, permutation and combinations, and probability using pascal’s triangle

Finally, we will talk about imaginary and complex numbers, where we will study the conjugates of complex numbers, arithmetic operations, conjugate zero theorem, the complex plane, polar coordinates of complex numbers, Euler’s formula, dividing complex numbers in polar forms, and power of complex numbers in polar forms

Who this course is for:

Students taking Pre Calculus class

Pre-Calculus EVERYTHING Explained

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