Open Innovation: A Multifaceted Perspective (In 2 Parts)

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Open Innovation: A Multifaceted Perspective (In 2 Parts)

Open Innovation: A Multifaceted Perspective (In 2 Parts)
by Anne-Laure Mention and Marko Torkkeli
English | 2016 | ISBN: 981471917X | 707 Pages | PDF | 14 MB

Open Innovation: A Multifaceted Perspective unveils research on open innovation from multidisciplinary perspectives and with practical insights from leaders and policy-makers. The first section addresses the links between open innovation and various disciplines, methods, concepts and policy instruments. The second section reviews selectively the literature, focusing essentially on open service innovation and innovation in financial services industries. It also explores different forms and types of practices reflecting the adoption and implementation of open innovation. The third section focuses on the management of open innovation, paying specific attention to the individual, intra- and inter-organizational levels.

"In a world of accelerating change, open innovation is of growing interest to both researchers and practitioners as a powerful mechanism for understanding and driving renewal of smart service systems and networks. This book provides multiple perspectives on open innovation theory and practice for academic, industry, and government leaders including public policy makers seeking sustainable economic growth. The breadth and depth of the chapters is wonderful stimulation for inspiring needed 'adaptive T-shaped makers' of tomorrow's innovation ecosystems." - Dr James C. Spohrer, Director, IBM University Programs (IBM UP) and Cognitive Systems Institute

"Required reading for all who want faster innovation now." - Robert Madelin, Director-General for DG CONNECT: Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission