Pains on Trains

Posted By: outcaast
Andrew Holmes / Matthew Reeves, «Pains on Trains»
Capstone Publishing Ltd | ISBN 1841125644 | 2003-09-26 | 218 pages | PDF | 6 Mb

is a wonderfully funny, relentlessly satirical, laugh-out-loud read aimed at giving long-suffering commuters everywhere a weapon to fight back with. Its the perfect antidote for nightmarish travelling companions everywhere!

Each character within the book is illustrated by a hilarious cartoon caricature as well as a 'pain spotting' description which covers:

* General characteristics, which will describe the 'pain'
* Annoyance value, which rates the 'pain' from 1 (limited annoyance) to 10 (extreme annoyance)
* Rarity, which rates the pain from 1 (exceptionally rare) to 10 (very common)
* Seasonal variations, which identifies any seasonal changes to the pain and their severity/rarity
* Avoidance/revenge strategies

Pains on Trains is the perfect way to take the tedium out of commuting, guaranteed to become as indispensable to the seasoned traveller as the blow-up pillow or water sterilising tablets.