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Playboy Magazine's Iconic Alcohol Advertising in the 1980s

Playboy Magazine, a hallmark of 20th-century popular culture, was known for many things - its groundbreaking interviews, in-depth articles, and iconic centerfolds. But, often overlooked, was its strategic and stylish portrayal of alcohol advertising, particularly during the exuberant decade of the 1980s.

Playboy Magazine's Iconic
Alcohol Advertising in the 1980s

Intermediate OpenRoads - civil works desgin (Level 2)

Posted By: BlackDove
Intermediate OpenRoads - civil works desgin (Level 2)

Intermediate OpenRoads - civil works desgin (Level 2)
Genre: eLearning | MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 2.11 GB | Duration: 47 lectures • 2h 53m

Use CONNECT Edition - OpenRoads tool to Microstation civil design

What you'll learn
Open Roads dsign
Terrain models
vertical alignments
horizontal alignments

No recquirements
In this course we are going to go through different tools of Bentley Open Roads Designer Connect Edition. This is a software version which combines the legacy star products of Bentley for infraworks: InRoads, GEOPAK and MX.

For this course, we will start with an introduction, over view, keyboard shortcuts and user interface / navigation in Bentley Open Roads Designer Connect Edition. We will learn the difference between Bentley Open Roads and other similar software. We will try to go through few basics to get started.

We will try to cover up horizontal and vertical geometries creation, modification and analyzation concepts, followed by five practice exercises that will include creation of offset geometries, Cul da Sec, End Tapers, Drive Way and Curb Returns.

After horizontal and vertical geometries, we will cover Terrains or Surfaces. We will learn creation of terrains using different methods like creation through ASCII Files, Corridors, Point Cloud Data (. POD Files) and elements etc. After creation, multiple aspects of terrains will be discussed like their modification, editing and analyzation.

Similar to Terrains, different aspects of corridors will be discussed in the later session. It will include the processes involved in creation, edition and modification of corridors and templates for corridors. Finally, there will be a practice exercise that will conclude the Module of Bentley Open Roads course.

Please be noted that there is no hard and fast rule to execute a specific command as there are multiple approaches to create similar output, however, we will try to follow the simplest approach possible to make this course easy and fun to learn for you.


Course content


Street Map and Arial View Sync.

Manual attachment of Arial Image

Getting Started for Geometry


Terrain Creation from Ascii File

Terrain Creation from Corridor

Terrain Creation from Point Cloud Data

Terrain Creation from Elements

Read existing Terrain

Terrain Features

Editing Major and Minor Contours

Reference Terrain to 2D File

Editing Reference Terrain

Use of Element Templates

Label Terrain Contours

Label Terrain Spot

Analyze Points

Display Styles

Edge Methods

Edit Model

Geographic Coordinate System


Basics of Horizontal Geometry

Creating Horizontal Geometry

Reviewing Horizontal Geometry

Finishing Horizontal Geomtery

Editing Geometry using Table Editor

Adding lines and curves to Horizontal Geometry

Profile Model for Vertical Geometry

Creating Vertical Geometry

Making Complex Vertical Geometry from Elements

Editing Vertical Geometry

Practice Exercise 1 (Offset Geometries)

Practice Exercise 2 (Cul da sec)

Practice Exercise 3 (End Tapers)

Practice Exercise 4 (Drive Way)

Practice Exercise 5 (Curb Returns)


Basic Corridor Creation

Reviewing Cross Section Views

Parametric Constraint to Edit Corridor

Modify Parametric Constraint Edits Using Corridor Object

Creating and Calculating Super Elevation Section

Review Super Elevation Model

Generating Super Elevation Report

Creating Custom Corridor Templates

Clipping Corridors

Practice Exercise (Final Project)

Who this course is for
Civil engineers
CAD designers
civil works designers