The Art Of The Portrait - Drawing For Beginners

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The Art Of The Portrait - Drawing For Beginners

The Art Of The Portrait - Drawing For Beginners
Last updated 1/2022
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How To Draw Human Faces : Realistic Portrait Drawing : Beginners Portraiture Step by Step : How To Draw Portraits : Art

What you'll learn
Portraiture - Discover my 7-step system for compelling portraits in graphite and charcoal
Face Drawing Step by Step - Create your own portrait masterpiece
How To Draw Portraits - How to make your portraits more believable
Master the fundamentals such as: how to see like an artist, construct solid forms, features, anatomy and more
The simple secret to keep your viewers coming back again and agian
Drawing from imagination
Some drawing experience is helpful but not necessary
Discover my simple 7-step portrait drawing system for drawing the human faceYou have a passion for drawing the human face and using it to tell your stories, express your visions and draw portraits. This is who you are. It's your calling and it's deep, and I am here to guide you on your way to reaching your goals.Discover my simple 7-step portrait drawing system for drawing the human face. In this course I am going to help you draw the face really believably in the style you choose and apply it to your career or personal visions. You will be able to do it quickly with purpose in a way that is clear and carries meaning to your viewers. At the end of this course you will have an awesome portrait for your portfolio that you can feel proud of and attract attention.WHAT YOU GET11 hours of On Demand video lesson content 2 portrait drawing demonstrations from start to finish20 Downloadable resources to help you practiceBonus lectures on anatomy, planes and tons of portrait tips from my years of professional experienceFull lifetime accessAccess on mobile and TVAssignments10 articlesCertificate of CompletionArt direction secrets to make your portraits stand out…and MUCH moreWHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT THE COURSE:The first thing to say is that unlike some 'art instructors' Mr. Petrocchi is clearly an accomplished artist. He's not simply some guy who's always liked to draw, got a microphone for Christmas and thought it'd be cool to make a course. I regard myself as an exceptionally unexceptional draftsman but can already sense some improvement in the way I'm tackling portraits.The value I've already received leaves me with absolutely no complaints. You'll be getting A LOT of information from a guy who knows what he's doing with this course. And the demos - from blank sheet of paper to finished, fully rendered drawing - are both highly informative and inspirational. I'm not sure you can ask for more than that from any instructor. It's a keeper. Many Thanks, Mr P for putting this together.–Sam PollardOf all the elements of drawing, portraiture is one of the most difficult to master. Practice alone is not enough to create portraits that come alive. That is the core value of this course. It provides a strong foundation for the individual to begin to master the creation of portraits of substance. This is not a course for the lazy. It requires patience and practice. But it will provide a roadmap that will allow the student to create fulfilling and satisfying portraits.–Stuart GivotAn Excellent Course. I was Impressed by Chris's Level of Knowledge, Experience and Expertise. This course has differently give me knowledge that will help me improve my work and help me integrate into work with Charcoal.–Aisha SmithI was blown away of how great of a teacher Mr. Petrocchi is. He provided some incredible insights into helping me improve my facial drawing skills. It's amazing of how easy and simple he teaches technique. I feel inspired and highly recommend his courses. I can't wait to learn more from him!!!–Tuese AhkiongHere is a clear, deep and well made course. Chris's sense of art teaching is excellent, it's like hanging out in his studio, looking over his shoulder (literally sometimes) and learning from following a professional. He talks out loud what goes on in his thoughts as he mindfully works his image. Seeing him work really helps me. His own career is used as an example, and I love all the personal stories that talk about his journey in the art world and specifically in this field of drawing portraits. The course is full of gold nuggets of info, stories, metaphors that help me put words and structure in my work. (I love the "Valley of the Suck" concept–so true! ) This course really helped me to clarify my work in regards to values. Also, it helps to come back to those foundations of the underlying structure of the face. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to build a strong foundation and seriously wants to get into portrait art. As it is in my case, I would recommend it as well to any professional that wants to come back and touch those foundations again, one tends to forget stuff! Thank you Chris, and I agree "the figure is a song"!–Philippe AmesIf you are ready to improve and go higher than you ever thought you could with your portraits then this course is for you!See you inside,Chris Petrocchi | Draw Juice studio#portrait #portraiture #drawing #draw #human #faces #beginners #pencil #charcoal


Section 1: Course Introduction - Portraiture

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 DO THIS SECOND: Your Master Portrait drawing instructions

Lecture 3 Private Discord Group Invitation

Lecture 4 Bootcamp Study Plan

Lecture 5 The Tools part 1

Lecture 6 The Tools part 2

Lecture 7 The learning process

Lecture 8 Materials list

Section 2: Draw Believable Human Faces - See and Construct

Lecture 9 See like an artist 1

Lecture 10 See like an Artist 2: the Main Problem

Lecture 11 See like an artist 3: lighting

Lecture 12 See like an artist 4: the Bad Xerox

Lecture 13 Easy Way To Draw The Planes of the Head (For Beginners)

Lecture 14 Head drawing demo 1: Shape Based Block In

Lecture 15 Planes_Rhythms_practice 1

Lecture 16 Planes_Rhythms_practice 2

Lecture 17 Planes_Rhythms_3_Light and Shadow

Lecture 18 The key to solid portraits | Rhythms

Lecture 19 The key to solid portraits | Rhythms + Planes

Section 3: Action and Form of the head

Lecture 20 Drawing the head fAST: 2 simple RULES, 1 simple SHAPE

Lecture 21 Drawing the head fAST: 2 simple RULES, 1 simple SHAPE pt.2

Lecture 22 Head front planes intermediate and advanced demo

Lecture 23 Written steps (1-22) for planar block in of the head from the front

Lecture 24 Head 3/4 view 1

Lecture 25 Head three quarter view 2

Lecture 26 Head drawing demo 2: three quarter view

Lecture 27 Value: learn it, love it, make art

Lecture 28 5 Value System: Draw A 5 Value Scale

Lecture 29 Apply 5 Value Scale: Turn Flat Shapes Into 3D Forms

Lecture 30 Head drawing demo 3: Use 5 Values To Draw A Head

Lecture 31 Charcoal Demo 2 Draw with Confidence part 1

Lecture 32 Charcoal Demo 2 Draw with Confidence part 2

Lecture 33 The power of Edges

Lecture 34 Finding Edges on the human face

Section 4: The Features of the face

Lecture 35 The eyes 1: anatomy

Lecture 36 The eyes 2: Photoshop demo

Lecture 37 The eyes 3: charcoal demo

Lecture 38 The mouth 1

Lecture 39 The mouth 2

Lecture 40 The nose anatomy

Lecture 41 The nose front view charcoal demo

Lecture 42 The nose 3/4 view charcoal demo

Lecture 43 The Ears digital drawing and painting Photoshop demo

Section 5: Find your Objective and sculpt with Lighting

Lecture 44 Head drawing demo 4 toned paper 1.5 hours

Lecture 45 Objective_1:_Find Your 'Why' + Art Direction Secrets

Lecture 46 Objective_2: Art Direction Secrets (cont'd)

Lecture 47 Cinematic Portrait Lighting

Lecture 48 Objective 4: Setting goals

Beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 12+