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«The Vacation Lodge III» by D.J. Walters

Posted By: Gelsomino
«The Vacation Lodge III» by D.J. Walters

«The Vacation Lodge III» by D.J. Walters
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Wand still in hand, I sat in the same position, just waiting. I watched as my fluid absorbed onto the control panel so I knew that it was working. Heart palpitations flooded through my entire system as my mind flashed through a world of possibilities. But yet, I was still none the wiser. Then another blue line solidified. Now there were two. How?
The third and final tale in the erotically thrilling series is dangerously gripping. First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes a baby but how will they manage? Though slightly startled at first, Raven quickly becomes consumed with joy.  And it doesn’t take long for her to set her sights on migration, after sharing the news with her long-distance lover. Raven is keen to be with him and at long last, make her family complete. However, jealousies of ex-lovers evoke a world of emotion as coercive persuasions attempt to cause cracks in her seemingly happy home. And though the plight for her happy ending has been long and hard, the last temptation is always the greatest treason. Are Raven’s wills strong enough to keep her soulmate within her grasp?