"Open Data" ed. by Vijayalakshmi Kakulapati

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"Open Data" ed. by Vijayalakshmi Kakulapati

"Open Data" ed. by Vijayalakshmi Kakulapati
ITexLi | 2022 | ISBN: 1839683163 9781839683169 1839683155 9781839683152 1839683171 9781839683176 | 77 pages | PDF | 8 MB

This book describes how data retrieved from public open data repositories can improve the learning qualities of digital networking, particularly performance and reliability. Chapters address such topics as knowledge extraction, Open Government Data (OGD), public dashboards, intrusion detection, and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Open data is freely usable, reusable, or redistributable by anybody, provided there are safeguards in place that protect the data’s integrity and transparency. .

1. Knowledge Extraction from Open Data Repository
2. Open Government Data: Development, Practice, and Challenges
3. Framework to Evaluate Level of Good Faith in Implementations of Public Dashboards
4. Intrusion Detection Based on Big Data Fuzzy Analytics
5. Artificial Intelligence and IoT: Past, Present and Future

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