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Microlearning: Creating Better Online Courses

Posted By: ELK1nG
Microlearning: Creating Better Online Courses

Microlearning: Creating Better Online Courses
Published 9/2022
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How to apply microlearning techniques in your online courses

What you'll learn
Understand what microlearning is and how it applies to online courses
Why microlearning is even more efficient and the theories behind
How you can apply microlearning alongside other educational approaches
In the end, how to improve your student retention and engagement by breaking content into smaller pieces
None! The course is aimed at people who already have some experience in education, even if it is superficial.
Have you ever heard about microlearning?Do you know what it is and how you can use it in your content creation process?If you are an instructional designer and want to learn more about this concept, then this course is exactly what you need.Microlearning is all about efficiency, by creating shorter lessons to improve your students' engagement and their experience with your online content.And it can be used in any kind of educational context: online courses, traditional classes, and even one-on-one tutoring sessions!The best part? It's easy to implement in your existing educational material—all you need is a few minutes of your time each day.Microlearning is a powerful tool for instructional designers who want to improve their content and make it more engaging for their learners. It's also an excellent way to introduce new material or reinforce concepts learners have already learned.In this course, I will show you how to create microlearning courses using different tools and techniques. You will also learn the best practices for developing a microlearning course, including how to make the most of its benefits. At the end of this course, you'll be able to implement microlearning in your own educational content!


Section 1: Microlearning 101: Basics

Lecture 1 Course intro

Lecture 2 Course opening

Lecture 3 Who's your instructor

Lecture 4 What's microlearning?

Lecture 5 Comparison table between micro and macro learnings

Lecture 6 Theories that support microlearning

Lecture 7 Theories diagram: the impact of microlearning

Lecture 8 When to Use Microlearning (and when not to use it)

Lecture 9 Looking for more content?

Lecture 10 How to Create a Microlearning Course

Lecture 11 The Role of the LMS in Microlearning Courses

Lecture 12 My other courses

Section 2: Tools of Microlearning

Lecture 13 How to plan you microlearning lessons

Lecture 14 Online course creation process with microlearning

Lecture 15 How to plan and develop learning objects

Lecture 16 The 3 categories of learning objects

Lecture 17 How to Use Scenario-Based Learning in a Microlearning Course

Lecture 18 Links on Scenario-Based Learning

Lecture 19 How to Use Paired Learning in a Microlearning Course

Lecture 20 Links on Paired Learning

Lecture 21 Gamification elements in microlearning

Lecture 22 Some examples of gamification components to use

Lecture 23 Links on gamification in education

Lecture 24 Microlearning examples in real life

Lecture 25 Mentioned links from previous classes

Section 3: What's next?

Lecture 26 New technologies that are emerging

Lecture 27 The future of education

Teachers and instructors, even with a lot of experience, and want to adapt to the online world,Instructional designers facing the challenge to update their methods and want to learn what microlearning really is,People from outside the field of education who need to understand what microlearning is and how to apply it in practice