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"Microalgae: From Physiology to Application" ed. by Milada Vítová

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"Microalgae: From Physiology to Application" ed. by Milada Vítová

"Microalgae: From Physiology to Application" ed. by Milada Vítová
ITExLi | 2020 | ISBN: 1838800360 9781838800369 1838800352 9781838800352 1838802711 9781838802714 | 215 pages | PDF | 15 MB

This book covers major aspects of microalgae physiology and the possible applications in the sphere of biotechnology. This book gives a comprehensive overview of what is known about microalgae growth and production, secondary metabolites, and development of new species and products for commercialization. This volume should allow readers at all levels an entry into the exciting world of algal research.

The term microalgae is often used in the algal research community to collectively describe microscopic algae and cyanobacteria. Research of microalgae has expanded enormously, namely because of their significant commercial potential. The thorough knowledge of the physiology of microalgae must precede any commercial exploitation. We have to understand the mechanisms underlying the physiological and biochemical processes in the algal cells.

1.Self-Fluorescence of Photosynthetic System: A Powerful Tool for Investigation of Microalgal Biological Diversity
2.Eutrophication and Phytoplankton: Some Generalities from Lakes and Reservoirs of the Americas
3.Isolation, Characterization, and Biotechnological Potential of Native Microalgae From the Peruvian Amazon
4.Drying and Quality of Microalgal Powders for Human Alimentation
5.Microalgae and Its Use in Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements
6.The Red Microalga Galdieria as a Promising Organism for Applications in Biotechnology
7.The Colonial Microalgae Botryococcus braunii as Biorefinery
8.Bioconcentration of Marine Algae Using Lipase Enzyme
9.Concepts and Trends for Extraction and Application of Microalgae Carbohydrates
10.Changes in Photochemical Efficiency and Differential Induction of Superoxide Dismutase in Response to Combined Stresses of Chilling Temperature and Relatively High Irradiation in Two Chlorella Strains
11.Microalgae Cultivation for Secondary Metabolite Production
12.Physiological Limitations and Solutions to Various Applications of Microalgae

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