Learn To Program Javascript (In Ten Easy Steps)

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Learn To Program Javascript (In Ten Easy Steps)

Learn To Program Javascript (In Ten Easy Steps)
Last updated 1/2017
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The simplest way to learn to program JavaScript - the language of the web.

What you'll learn
You will learn to program JavaScript from the ground up
Source code archive contains all sample programs
Course eBook has ten chapters - one for each of the ten steps
You will need a web browser and a code editor (suitable free software is suggested in the course)
Learn To Program JavaScript (in ten easy steps) is suitable for beginner programmers. Step-by-step it explains how to write JavaScript code to run in a web browser on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. JavaScript is the language of the web. If you need to program web sites to run on desktop computers or mobile devices, you have to know JavaScript. This course explains all you need to know in order to write JavaScript and make sense of other people’s JavaScript code. Every step of the way you can follow along with ready-to-run code in in short, easy-to-understand JavaScript programs. You will begin by learning the core features of programming – variables, functions and data types. You will move on to learn about specific capabilities of JavaScript – how to use it to automate web pages, hide email addresses, swap stylesheets interactively; how to load XML data to create so-called AJAX applications, how to animate images and use some of the drawing capabilities of HTML5. The sample projects are all provided ready for you to download, run and modify. The course also includes a course eBook, The Little Book Of JavaScript, that provides even more information on the topics being discussed. The course instructor,Huw Collingbourne, is Director of Technology with SapphireSteel Software, a company that specialises in Visual Studio development tools for professional programmers. Founder of Bitwise Courses  – producers of multimedia instruction courses – Huw is one of the top-selling programming instructors on Udemy,. Learn To Program JavaScript (in ten easy steps) is the fastest and simplest way to learn to program web pages like a pro.


Section 1: Step One

Lecture 1 What is JavaScript?

Lecture 2 Getting Started

Lecture 3 Source Code Archive

Lecture 4 The Little Book Of JavaScript

Lecture 5 Editors, Browsers and Debuggers

Lecture 6 Hello world!

Section 2: Step Two

Lecture 7 Variables

Lecture 8 User Interaction

Lecture 9 Comments

Section 3: Step Three

Lecture 10 Functions

Lecture 11 Parameters and arguments

Lecture 12 Scope

Section 4: Step Four

Lecture 13 Strings

Lecture 14 String Methods

Lecture 15 Tests and Conditions

Lecture 16 Comparison Operators

Section 5: Step Five

Lecture 17 Mathematical Operators

Lecture 18 Operator Precedence

Lecture 19 ++ and –

Lecture 20 Shorthand Operators

Lecture 21 NaN

Lecture 22 Logical Operators

Section 6: Step Six

Lecture 23 for loops

Lecture 24 Hide an email address using a 'for' loop

Lecture 25 Arrays and loops

Lecture 26 Switching stylesheets

Section 7: Step Seven

Lecture 27 Objects

Lecture 28 Associative Arrays

Section 8: Step Eight

Lecture 29 AJAX - an introduction

Lecture 30 A simple AJAX example

Lecture 31 Processing XML files and RSS Feeds

Lecture 32 Lists and how to handle them

Lecture 33 Error-handling

Lecture 34 Browser Information

Section 9: Step Nine

Lecture 35 How to create HTML elements in JavaScript

Lecture 36 Create an animated text tickertape

Lecture 37 Image Animation

Lecture 38 Rollover Buttons and Menus

Lecture 39 Moving Image Effects

Lecture 40 Drawing on the Canvas

Section 10: Step Ten

Lecture 41 Free Code Libraries

Lecture 42 jQuery – a brief introduction

Lecture 43 IDEs and Editors revisited…

Lecture 44 And Finally…

Newcomers to JavaScript programming,Beginner web developers,Anyone who needs to learn JavaScript quickly