"Geophysics" ed. by Eva Li

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"Geophysics" ed. by Eva Li

"Geophysics" ed. by Eva Li
ITEvaLi | 2018 | ISBN: 9829480089 9789829480088 | 110 pages | PDF | 19 MB

This book provides a compelling overview of some of the recent advances in geophysics. Topics discussed include dynamics of the early stage of formation of the Earth's-Moon system, the model of differentiation of the matter of the solar protoplanetary cloud, basement tectonics and fault reactivation, measurement of rotational events, characterization of hydrocarbon-contaminated cites and seismic responses, geoelectrical sounding and imaging.

1 Dynamics of the Early Stage of Formation of the Earth's-Moon System
2 Basement Tectonics and Fault Reactivation in Alberta Based on Seismic and Potential Field Data
3 Measurement of Rotational Events in Regions Prone to Seismicity: A Review
4 Characterization of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sites Based on Geoelectrical Methods of Geophysical Exploration
5 Characterization of Seismic Responses in Mexico City Using Hilbert-Huang Transform
6 Geoelectrical Sounding and Imaging over the Central Zone of Panama

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