Game Character Sculpting For Beginners With Zbrush & Maya

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Game Character Sculpting For Beginners With Zbrush & Maya

Game Character Sculpting For Beginners With Zbrush & Maya
Last updated 4/2020
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Step By Step Guide From Besh Mesh Creation to High Poly Sculpting Using Zbrush, Maya and Marvelous Designer

What you'll learn
Modeling Methods of Maya
Cloth Modeling Using Marvelous Designer
Sculpting Methods in Zbrush
Shoes Detailing in Zbrush
Many Production Tips and Tricks Through Out The Course
A Full Character Model From Start to Finish
Basic computer knowledge and Interest to learn 3d modeling.
Student reviews :Jibak says : One of the best online teaching courses on Character modeling. The course is superb because of the step by step detailing, completeness and 'No skips'. It starts with the very basics of Maya/ Zbrush/ MD and ultimately ends up in great detailing. The transition is very smooth and well organised. It improved my modeling skills a lot and also introduced me to new software like Zbrush & MD . Though I have not completed the course yet but it is amazing and worth buying. Thanks to Udemy and Mr. N. K. Jena for providing such a tutorial.  Stevenf says : The instructor explains everything extremely well and detailed. I recommend this class for anyone interested in learning modeling.Edwin Gomez says : Great instruction! The material being delivered is top notch. I love the how the instructor takes the time to explain the tools and all of the little intricacies that are associated with that tool set. I am really enjoying his class and would highly recommend this course !Description :In this 12.5 hours of course Game artist Nalini Kanta Jena will teach you, how to create game character from scratch using Maya, Zbrush and Marvelous Designer.He describes every steps he takes, so even if you are a totally beginner, you can easily follow him.This course not only shows you step by step guide but also shows you an up to date production pipeline.He will start the course with Base mesh creation in Maya. then He will move to Marvelous Designer to model clothes then Zbrush to create sculpting details.The goal of this course is to teach you the entire process of character sculpting and how different software such as Maya, Zbrush and Marvelous Designer work together to create your model.The course will cover these topics Maya BasicsModeling methods in MayaMarvelous Designer BasicsModeling cloth in Marvelous DesignerZbrush BasicsCharacter sculpting methods in ZbrushIntegration between Maya, Marvelous Designer and ZbrushMany tips and tricks in every lectureAfter completing this course you can model game characters with more confident and with clear knowledge of the pipeline. so if you want to be a Game artist then enroll to this class now and start learning today.If you are not satisfied with the course then you can refund it. There is a 30 days money back guarantee. So there is no reason to hesitate Enroll to the course and learn production level character sculpting now.


Section 1: Maya Strong Foundation

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download Resource Files

Lecture 3 User Interface Elements

Lecture 4 Veiwport navigation

Lecture 5 Creating objects

Lecture 6 Selection methods

Lecture 7 Soft Selection and Symetry

Lecture 8 Move tool

Lecture 9 Scale tool

Lecture 10 Rotate tool

Lecture 11 Using Layers

Lecture 12 Hide and Show Objects

Lecture 13 Intro to outliner

Lecture 14 Pivot Point

Lecture 15 Duplicating Objects

Lecture 16 Group objects

Lecture 17 Freez Transformation

Lecture 18 Snaping Tools

Lecture 19 Hotbox

Lecture 20 Marking Menu

Lecture 21 Creating Costume Marking Menu

Section 2: Character Base Mesh Modeling In Maya

Lecture 22 Understanding The Concept Art

Lecture 23 Preparing Reference Image For Maya

Lecture 24 Creating Project Folder

Lecture 25 Setting Real World Scale

Lecture 26 Modeling The Torso

Lecture 27 Modeling The Hand

Lecture 28 Modeling Leg Base Mesh

Lecture 29 Modeling The Palm and Fingers

Lecture 30 Modeling The Eye Ball

Lecture 31 ModelingThe Eye Lid

Lecture 32 Modeling The Lip

Lecture 33 Modeling The Cheek

Lecture 34 Modeling The Nose

Lecture 35 Modeling The Skull Area

Lecture 36 Modeling The Neck

Lecture 37 Modeling Ear

Lecture 38 Attaching Head With Body

Lecture 39 Modeling Mouth Inside

Section 3: Accessories Base Mesh Modeling in Maya

Lecture 40 Shoe Base Blocking

Lecture 41 Modeling Shoe Lace

Lecture 42 Modeling Shoe Lace Knot

Lecture 43 Modeling Cap Base Mesh

Lecture 44 Modeling Cap Belt

Lecture 45 Modeling The Spec

Lecture 46 Modeling The Locket

Lecture 47 Modeling Sketboard Base

Lecture 48 Modeling Sketboard Wheels

Lecture 49 Modeling Wheel Conecter

Section 4: Cloth Modeling in Marvelous Designer

Lecture 50 MD Overview

Lecture 51 Display option of 3d garment window

Lecture 52 Creating Patterns Basics

Lecture 53 Creating T-shirt Pattern

Lecture 54 Creating Sleves for T-shirt

Lecture 55 Creating Patterns for Pant

Lecture 56 36-Exporting All Objects for Sculpting

Section 5: Zbrush Basics

Lecture 57 Zbrush Interface Overview

Lecture 58 Navigating the Canvas

Lecture 59 Sculpting Basics

Lecture 60 Masking for sculpting

Lecture 61 Show and Hide polygons

Section 6: Character Body Sculpting in Zbrush

Lecture 62 Importing OBJ Files Into Zbrush

Lecture 63 Head Blocking Sculpting

Lecture 64 Blocking the Nose and Lip

Lecture 65 Refining the Eyes

Lecture 66 Sculpting the Hand

Lecture 67 Refining the Hand Sculpting

Lecture 68 Sculpting the Leg

Lecture 69 Sculpting Ear

Lecture 70 Refining the Face

Lecture 71 More Refining on the Face

Lecture 72 Lip Surface Detailing

Lecture 73 Finger Detailing

Lecture 74 Skin Detailing

Section 7: Cloth Sculpting in Zbrush

Lecture 75 Using polygroups to split Meshes

Lecture 76 Using Dynamesh to Close Holes

Lecture 77 Projecting Details back

Lecture 78 Projecting Details Back into Pant

Lecture 79 Refining Folds on T-shirt

Lecture 80 Making Sleave holes

Lecture 81 Masking for Sleves

Lecture 82 Creating Seam line Using Group Loops

Lecture 83 Projecting Details Back to the Mesh

Lecture 84 Pant Basic Forms

Lecture 85 Pant Front Folds

Lecture 86 Extracting Pockets

Lecture 87 Pocket Refining

Lecture 88 Creating Pocket Seam Lines

Lecture 89 Creating Pocket Folds

Lecture 90 Creating Pocket Wrinkles

Lecture 91 Creating Pant Back Folds

Lecture 92 Craeting Pant Botton Using IMM Brush

Lecture 93 Creating Pant Center Seam

Lecture 94 Creating Pant Bottom Seam

Section 8: Shoe Sculpting in Zbrush

Lecture 95 Mirroring the Shoe

Lecture 96 Adjusting Shoe Laces

Lecture 97 Seam Line Mark

Lecture 98 Creating Lace Holes

Lecture 99 Shoe lace Detailing

Lecture 100 Shoe lace Knot Detailing

Lecture 101 Shoe Lace Impact Detailing

Lecture 102 Adding Stich Details

Lecture 103 Creating Texture for Sole

Lecture 104 Creating Sole Details

Lecture 105 Extracting Socks Base

Lecture 106 Socks Detailing

Section 9: Cap Sculpting in Zbrush

Lecture 107 Basic Forms of Cap

Lecture 108 Layering Details on Cap

Lecture 109 Adding Stiching to Cap

Lecture 110 Adding Memory Folds

Lecture 111 Strap Detailing

Lecture 112 Adjusting the Locket

Section 10: Hair Sculpting in Zbrush

Lecture 113 Making Hair Base

Lecture 114 Hair Detailing

Lecture 115 Adding Secondary Hair Clumps

Lecture 116 Modeling Hair Band

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 117 Bonus Lecture - What's Next?

anyone who wants to learn character sculpting for game.