"Flood Risk Management" ed. by Theodore Hromadka and Prasada Rao

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"Flood Risk Management" ed. by Theodore Hromadka and Prasada Rao

"Flood Risk Management" ed. by Theodore Hromadka and Prasada Rao
ITexLi | 2017 | ISBN: 9535134663 9535134655 9789535134657 9789535134664 | 316 pages | PDF | 51 MB

This volume is dedicated to application and testing of numerical and statistical models in the area of flood risk management.

The book can simulate the complex reality along with effective flood management strategies that are being implemented in various nations are presented.
This collection of topics will provide an update to the reader as to the state of the art in this important technical field.

1 Strategies for Testing the Impact of Natural Flood Risk Management Measures
2 Flood Risk Mapping in the Amazon
3 Floods Forecast in the Caribbean
4 Economic Growth and Employment Effects as a Result of the Upper Austrian Flood Protection Building Program
5 Geodesign a Tool for Redefining Flood Risk Disaster in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Southern Catchment of Ankobra Basin, Ghana
6 An Additive Statistical Modeling Approach to the Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Flood Risk-Based Resilience
7 Flood Management in China: The Huaihe River Basin as a Case Study
8 Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling and Geotechnical Analysis of Earthen Regulation Dams Located at Arroyo Las Viboras Watershed in a Major Transboundary Mexico-USA Metroplex: How an Ordinary Rain Event Caused Major Damage Related to Extraordinary Flooding
9 Understanding Flood Risk Management in Asia: Concepts and Challenges
10 Analysis of the Influence of the 2007–2008 La Niña Events, Land Use, and Dam Management Modes on the 2008 Spring Freshet Characteristics in Quebec, Canada
11 One- and Two-Dimensional Hydrological Modelling and Their Uncertainties
12 Multicriteria Decision Analysis for Flood Risk Management: The Case of the Mapai Dam at the Limpopo River Basin, Mozambique
13 Flood Risk Management in Mexico
14 Estimating Flood Quantiles on the Basis of Multi-Event Rainfall Simulation
15 Towards the Development of a Capability Assessment System for Flood Risk Management

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