Complete Character Creation In Maya For Beginners

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Complete Character Creation In Maya For Beginners

Complete Character Creation In Maya For Beginners
Last updated 4/2020
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Be able to Model, Texture, Rig, Animate, Simulate Cloth and Hair and Render characters using Maya and Substance Painter.

What you'll learn
Cartoon Character Modeling in Maya
Texturing in Substance Painter
Basic Character Rigging
Walk Cycle Animation
Creating Cloth and Hair Using ncloth
Rendering Animation
There is no requirements. This course is for complete beginners.
Students Reviews : Zoltan Palinkas gave 5 Star and Says : This is the Best Tutorial what I have ever follow. Really good. This is a perfect Maya tutorial for beginners. Clear and accurate, easy to follow. The final result is amazing. Really good tutorial,Orlando Ordonez gave 5 Star and Says : Great course, especially if your a beginner and you want to know how do the complete character pipeline. The instructor does a great job of explaining everything in an easy to follow way. Would definitely recommend, and look forward to other course from this instructor.Check reviews section for more great reviews.Are you a beginner and want to learn complete character creation process in Maya for production ? I mean Everything from modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, cloth and hair simulation and rendering.                                                                                                                                                                       Instructor : My name is Nalini kanta jena, I am a 3d Instructor. I have been working since 2008. I have worked as game artist in Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive, two Gaming studios based in India. I have also taught at  Arena animation, ZICA and Reliance Education as a 3d instructor. I have also taught more than 30,000 students all around the world through my online courses.Course Goal : At the end of this course, you will be able to Model, Texture, Rig, Animate, Simulate Cloth and Hair and Render Cartoon characters using Maya and Substance Painter.Key Topics : In this course, you will be learning:Character Modeling in MayaUV Unwrapping in MayaTexturing in Substance PainterRiggingWalk Cycle AnimationCreating Cloth and Hair Using nclothRendering AnimationI will start the course with Maya basics in case you have never used Maya before. Then I will model the character in Maya. After that I will unwrap UVs in Maya and then I will Switch to Substance painter and texture the character there. Then I will export textures into Maya and setup Lights, material and texture there. Then I will rig the character and then I will animate the character and create a walk cycle. After that I will work on the cloth so I will use ncloth for both the cloth and the hair simulation. at the end we are gonna render the animation sequence using Arnold.This Course is for Whom : I have designed this course for beginner students who wants to create characters for film and short films but struggles to do it because they lack the experience and knowledge of all these topics needed to create a character.Enroll Now : So if you are interested then enroll now and be able to create your own characters for film and short films today.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What are in the Project File folder

Section 2: Maya Basics

Lecture 3 User Interface Overview

Lecture 4 View pot Navigation

Lecture 5 Creating Objects

Lecture 6 Saving and Opening Files

Lecture 7 Selecting Objects and Components

Lecture 8 Using Move, Rotate and Scale Tool

Lecture 9 Using Layers

Lecture 10 Soft Selection and Symmetry

Lecture 11 Hide and Show Objects

Lecture 12 Intro to Outliner

Lecture 13 Using Pivot Point

Lecture 14 Group Objects

Lecture 15 Using Marking Menu

Lecture 16 Using Hotbox & Wrap Up

Section 3: Character Modeling in Maya

Lecture 17 Creating a Project Folder

Lecture 18 Reference Image Setup in Maya

Lecture 19 Block Out the Torso

Lecture 20 Block Out the Arm

Lecture 21 Block Out the Leg

Lecture 22 Block Out the Hand

Lecture 23 Define the Hand

Lecture 24 Block out the Face - Eye Topology

Lecture 25 Block out the Face - Mouth Topology

Lecture 26 Block out the Face - Head Topology

Lecture 27 Modeling the Ear

Lecture 28 Modeling the Nose

Lecture 29 Modeling Mouth Bag

Lecture 30 Adjusting the Head with even Polygons

Lecture 31 Connecting the Head with Body

Lecture 32 Modeling Gum

Lecture 33 Modeling Gum part 02

Lecture 34 Modeling Teeth

Lecture 35 Modeling Tongue

Lecture 36 Blocking the foot

Lecture 37 Defining the lip

Lecture 38 Defining the Nose

Lecture 39 Defining the Eye

Lecture 40 Defining the Head

Lecture 41 Defining the Body

Lecture 42 Correcting the Pose for Rigging

Lecture 43 Mirroring The Character

Lecture 44 Mirroring the Eye

Lecture 45 Modeling the T-Shirt

Lecture 46 Modeling the Pant

Lecture 47 Blocking the Shoe

Lecture 48 Creating Curves for Hair

Lecture 49 Creating Curves for Hair Part 02

Lecture 50 Creating Curves for Hair Part 03

Lecture 51 Generating Geometry from Curves

Lecture 52 Generating Geometry from Curves Part 02

Lecture 53 Adjusting Hair Clumps

Lecture 54 Converting Hair Into Polygons

Lecture 55 Making The Eyebrows

Lecture 56 Creating The Hair Filler

Lecture 57 Final Check

Section 4: UV Unwrapping in Maya

Lecture 58 UV Unwrapping Basics

Lecture 59 Unwrapping Shirt UVs

Lecture 60 Unwrapping Pant UVs

Lecture 61 Unwrapping the Head UVs

Lecture 62 Unwrapping the Torso UVs

Lecture 63 Unwrapping the Hand UVs

Lecture 64 Unwrapping the Leg Uvs

Lecture 65 Unwrapping the Eye Uvs

Lecture 66 Unwrapping the Hair UVs

Lecture 67 Unwrapping Mouth UVs

Lecture 68 Packing UVs for the Cloth Texture

Lecture 69 Packing UVs for the Body Texture

Lecture 70 Packing UVs for the Mouth Texture

Lecture 71 Packing UVs for the Eye Texture

Lecture 72 Packing UVs for the Hair Texture

Lecture 73 Clean up and Exporting the Model

Section 5: Character Texturing in Substance Painter

Lecture 74 Creating a Project

Lecture 75 Interface Overview

Lecture 76 Navigating View port

Lecture 77 Adding Base Skin color

Lecture 78 Adding Base Color

Lecture 79 Adding Skin Tone

Lecture 80 Adding Skin Flaws

Lecture 81 Eye Texturing

Lecture 82 T shirt Texturing

Lecture 83 Pant Texturing

Lecture 84 Socks Texturing

Lecture 85 Shoe Texturing

Lecture 86 Adding Dirt to the Shoes

Lecture 87 Mouth Texturing

Lecture 88 Hair Texture Painting

Lecture 89 Hair Alpha Painting

Lecture 90 Final Touch on Texturing

Lecture 91 Rendering in Substance Painter

Lecture 92 Exporting Textures from Substance Painter

Lecture 93 Import and Assign Textures in Maya

Lecture 94 Rendering Setup using Arnold

Section 6: Character Rigging in Maya

Lecture 95 Organizing the Scene for Rigging

Lecture 96 Creating Leg Joints

Lecture 97 Mirroring Leg Joints

Lecture 98 Creating Spine Joints

Lecture 99 Creating the Head Joints

Lecture 100 Creating Arm Joints

Lecture 101 Binding Skin with the Joints

Lecture 102 Fixing Skin Deformation on Leg

Lecture 103 Fixing Skin Deformation on Hand

Lecture 104 Fixing Skin Deformation on Head

Lecture 105 Creating Global Control

Lecture 106 Creating Torso Controls

Lecture 107 Fixing Torso Skin Deformation

Lecture 108 Creating Head Controls

Lecture 109 Creating Eye Controls

Lecture 110 Creating Clavicle and Wrist Controls

Lecture 111 Elbow and Knee Control

Lecture 112 Creating Foot IK Groups

Lecture 113 Creating the Foot Control with Custom Attributes

Lecture 114 Creating Foot Roll and Toe Roll

Lecture 115 Creating Finger Costume Attributes

Lecture 116 Creating an Eye Close Blend shape

Lecture 117 Creating a Smile Blend shape

Lecture 118 Creating a Surprise Blend shape

Lecture 119 Connecting Control Curves with Blend shapes

Lecture 120 Final Tweak to all the Controllers

Section 7: Character Animation in Maya

Lecture 121 Animation Basics

Lecture 122 Correcting the Rig for Animation

Lecture 123 Creating the Contact Pose

Lecture 124 Creating the Middle Contact Pose

Lecture 125 Creating the Down Pose

Lecture 126 Creating the Passing Pose

Lecture 127 Creating the Peak Point Pose

Lecture 128 Fine Tuning the Animation Using Graph Editor

Lecture 129 Making the Animation Cycle

Section 8: Cloth and Hair Simulation

Lecture 130 Making a High poly Version of the Pant

Lecture 131 Making the Low Poly Pant a Ncloth

Lecture 132 Transferring the Ncloth Simulation to High Poly

Lecture 133 Making a High poly Version of the T Shirt

Lecture 134 Making the Low Poly Shirt a Ncloth

Lecture 135 Transferring Ncloth Simulation to the High Poly

Lecture 136 Simulating Hair with Ncloth Part 01

Lecture 137 Simulating Hair with Ncloth Part 02

Lecture 138 Transferring Hair Simulation to High Poly

Lecture 139 Creating a Clean Scene with Cache Data

Section 9: Rendering

Lecture 140 Setting up a Backdrop and Camera

Lecture 141 Adjusting Render Settings to Get good Quality

Lecture 142 Rendering Sequence Images

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 143 Conclusion

Lecture 144 Bonus Lecture - What's Next?

Beginner students who wants to create characters for film and short films but struggles to do it because they lack the experience and knowledge of all these topics needed to create a character.