Adventures In C# Programming

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Adventures In C# Programming

Adventures In C# Programming
Last updated 2/2022
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Learn C# by programming a text-adventure game

What you'll learn
Program a text adventure game
Learn Object Oriented programming in C#
Build a complex project from multiple code files
Understand classes, objects and serialization
Visual Studio (either the free Community edition or a commercial edition).
Some basic programming knowledge
Adventures in C# Programming is a programming course like no other! It teaches the features of the C# language by guiding you step-by-step through the development of an exploring-style game.You will learn to…Write a retro-style adventure game like ‘Zork’ or ‘Colossal Cave’Master object orientation by creating hierarchies of treasure objectsCreate rooms and maps using .NET collections, arrays and DictionariesCreate objects with overloaded and overridden methodsSerialize networks of data to save and restore gamesWrite modular code using classes, partial classes and subclassesProgram user interaction with a ‘natural language’ interfacePlus: encapsulation, inheritance, constructors, enums, properties, hidden methods and much more…If you are a beginner programmer and already studying another C# course, this will give you hands-on experience of writing a big and complex project.If you are an experienced programmer, this will give you a quick way into the twisty little corners of the C# language. If you are a retro-games fanatic, learn how to write games just like the Infocom classics of the 1980s!In this course you will learn to write C# your own retro text-adventure game using either the free Visual Studio Community Edition or a commercial edition of Microsoft Visual Studio. All the source code of sample projects is provided ready for you to download, run and modify. The course instructor, Huw Collingbourne, is the author of the cult adventure game, The Golden Wombat Of Destiny. A long-established programming teacher online, he is also a well-known programming columnist in the UK and is the author of The Book Of Ruby.Adventures in C# Programming is the ultimate fun way to learn the C# language. So, come on in and let’s begin the adventure!


Section 1: Starting The Adventure

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 Read This First

Lecture 3 Visual Studio 2019

Lecture 4 Code Archive (to download)

Lecture 5 Who is this course for?

Lecture 6 What I assume you know before starting the course

Lecture 7 How to study the course

Lecture 8 A short history of adventure games

Lecture 9 Rooms – the fundamental objects of a game

Lecture 10 Creating a Room

Lecture 11 Creating Multiple Rooms

Lecture 12 Creating a Map

Lecture 13 Moving around the game

Lecture 14 Group related classes

Lecture 15 Add accessor methods

Lecture 16 Create an Actor class

Lecture 17 Initializing the Player and Rooms

Lecture 18 Moving the player

Lecture 19 A Better Map

Lecture 20 A Custom RoomList Class

Lecture 21 Creating Unique Room Identifiers

Lecture 22 Moving to a Named Room

Lecture 23 Initializing the adventure

Lecture 24 Simplifying Map Construction

Lecture 25 Moving Actor objects

Section 2: Building the Game World

Lecture 26 ThingHolder Class

Lecture 27 ThingList class

Lecture 28 Multiple constructors

Lecture 29 Taking and Dropping Objects

Lecture 30 Describing Objects 1

Lecture 31 Describing Objects 2

Lecture 32 Describing Objects 3

Lecture 33 Describing Objects 4

Lecture 34 Adding a File menu

Lecture 35 Look At Object

Lecture 36 Saving and Loading Games

Lecture 37 Making objects serializable

Lecture 38 Subclassing Dictionaries

Lecture 39 Getting Ready For the Next Step

Lecture 40 Human Language Commands

Lecture 41 Building a bigger Game

Lecture 42 An English Language Parser

Lecture 43 Categorising commands

Lecture 44 Putting Objects into other Objects

Lecture 45 What Next?

Lecture 46 And Finally

Beginners who have (or are) already studying an elementary C# course,Intermediate programmers ready to dive in to learn C# in depth,Anyone interested in how to create a classic-style text adventure