Natural Law & Government: After the COVID-19 Revolution

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Natural Law & Government: After the COVID-19 Revolution

Natural Law & Government: After the COVID-19 Revolution by Joseph Drew
English | EPUB | 2022 | 166 Pages | ISBN : 9811924325 | 0.5 MB

Since the dawn of civilisation philosophers and sages alike have been concerned about the potential for government to become a Leviathan-like monster. In this book Professor Drew shows how a careful application of natural law principles can mitigate this threat of Leviathan and also contribute to the flourishing of people.
To do so Natural Law and Government examines the trade-off between human dignity and the common good during the public policy response to COVID-19. Specifically, Professor Drew details his concerns regarding the emergence of concentrations of power and competence in government – changes that have sadly given rise to the repression of the vitality of citizens.
This ground-breaking work explains the changes to thinking, institutions and public management that are necessary for people to reclaim their right to thrive as humans. In sum, this is a handbook for what needs to be done after the COVID-19 revolution.
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