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The Chinese Financial System: Sino-Centricity and Orchestrated Control

Posted By: yoyoloit
The Chinese Financial System: Sino-Centricity and Orchestrated Control

The Chinese Financial System : Sino-Centricity and Orchestrated Control (251 Pages)
by Dominique Jolly

English | 2024 | ISBN: 9811276250 | 252 pages | True PDF | 8.85 MB

With a strategic and geopolitical view on China's financial system, this book explores a number of roles that it plays in the world's second largest economy. The first key mission has been the financing of the domestic economy. The second one has been the financing of infrastructures (transportation, energy, and telecommunication) to offer companies a conducive environment to develop manufacturing facilities. Thirdly, it supports Chinese foreign investment. The final and most recent role is the active use of technology in finance and investment to collect big data.The book supports three theses. The first thesis argues that finance and investment are not only the product of market forces but also other dimensions like regulations, geopolitics, technology and internal governance. Another thesis is that the State Council is metaphorically the conductor, and financial and economic actors are the performers who must imperatively follow the conductor. Last but not least, the third thesis is that the sino-centric perspective adopted by the Chinese authorities impedes foreign entry. Contrary to industries opened to foreign companies, the Chinese government left ajar the door to banking industry – characterizing foreign banks as marginal actors in the system.

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