Professional Windows PowerShell (Programmer to Programmer)

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Andrew Watt, «Professional Windows PowerShell (Programmer to Programmer)»
Wrox | ISBN 0471946931 | 2007-04-23 | 552 pages| PDF | 5 Mb

  • MSH is a new command-line shell for Microsoft server products, including the long-awaited Longhorn server, and will eventually ship with all major Microsoft products, making it the must-know technology
  • MSH will replace current command lines in new Microsoft products and can be used to write shell scripts similar to those used with Unix and Linux
  • Discusses how MSH enables all of the .NET Framework objects to become accessible via scripting, making it a very powerful addition to any developer's or administrator's toolbox
  • Readers are guided through all the ins and outs of MSH and learn how to create powerful solutions; run scripts, programs, and commands; customize the MSH environment; handle data; manage files and disks; and script solutions and .NET objects
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