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«How do The Rich Think? The Power of Positive Thinking» by LIBROTEKA

Posted By: Gelsomino
«How do The Rich Think? The Power of Positive Thinking» by LIBROTEKA

«How do The Rich Think? The Power of Positive Thinking» by LIBROTEKA
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Why aren't most people rich? 
There are many reasons why people are not wealthy. Try to think about yourself and find the factor that affects you and then start making a change. Here are some of the factors that keep people from being rich:
1.   Erroneous or conniving beliefs
The first factor that may explain why most people are not wealthy is erroneous beliefs about wealth and collusive beliefs between negative and positive beliefs.
Basically, the human brain always tries to find pleasure and avoid suffering. If something is related to suffering, we will tend to avoid it. On the other hand, if something is strongly related to pleasure, we will approach it.
If something is associated with pleasure and difficulty, our brain will be confused or neutral.
Beliefs are like magnets. If positive belief is mixed with negative ones, there is no more "positive polar" or "negative polar". Our minds will be neutral or confused like normal metal.
When we are sure that "being rich" is positive, while "being poor" is negative, the pole will be much clearer, so we will become a "magnet".
In fact, most people never consciously establish their belief from birth to death. If we do not establish our own conscious beliefs of the need to be rich, we will unwittingly indulge in words like "Money is the root of all evil deeds."
In the results, we unconsciously don't want to be rich because we don't want to be bad.
For exampe: James has a friend who is very rich and has a very large and magnificent house. Charles and Mary went to visit their friend James. When they arrived at James' house, Charles asked Mary "Isn't the house nice?". Mary then replied "I don't like the big house, because it will be hard to clean it", then Charles said "If you have a big and magnificent house like this, it is impossible for you to clean it yourself".