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Sex and Repression in Savage Society [Audiobook]

Posted By: tarantoga
Sex and Repression in Savage Society [Audiobook]

Bronisław Malinowski, Mark Bowen (Narrator), "Sex and Repression in Savage Society"
English | ASIN: B0CW3CXT6X | 2024 | MP3@64 kbps | ~08:26:00 | 239 MB

Bronislaw Malinowski's seminal work, "Sex and Repression in Savage Society," delves into the intricate dynamics of sexuality and societal control within primitive cultures. Published in 1927, this ethnographic study challenges prevailing Victorian notions of sexuality and sheds light on the nuanced ways in which indigenous societies navigate and regulate sexual behaviors. Malinowski's immersive fieldwork in the Trobriand Islands enables him to provide a rich anthropological account, exploring the role of rituals, customs, and taboos in shaping sexual practices. By examining the interplay between individual desires and communal norms, the author contributes to a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between sex and repression in societies that existed outside the purview of Western moral frameworks. Malinowski's groundbreaking insights continue to influence the fields of anthropology and cultural studies, prompting ongoing discussions about the universality of sexual behaviors and the impact of cultural context on human expression.