Sexual Freedom in Denmark (1970)

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Sexual Freedom in Denmark (1970)
XVID 640x480 23.98fps 1137Kbps | English Dolby AC3 stereo 256Kbps | 01:14:46 | 748 MB
Documentary | Director: John Lamb | aka "Dansk sexualitet "

This movie is about the morality, education, and responsibilties pertaining to sexual freedom. Not only that, it has the most amazing child birth sequence that could and should be used as a training tool and viewed by anyone that is interested in the miracle of child birth. This very insightful movie should be shown in school sex education programs internationally along with material already being presented in that forum, and is and all around must see for anyone deemed mature enough. It is a great introduction to various pertinent aspects in the sexual arena. It's delightful! Hold your jaw :)

(Comrade Lenin and the Danish (sex)revolutionaries. sorry, couldn't hold that :-D)

No mirrors!

PS For a bigger picture of Scandinavian education in the 70's please check out my earlier post: http://avaxhome.ws/video/video_time/seventies/swedenislove.html
http://avaxhome.ws/video/Format/documentary/sexual_liberty.html - this is the second feature from this compilation

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