Ambiguous (2003)

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Ambiguous (2003)
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Genre: Drama, Thriller, Pinku

Directed by: Toshiya Ueno

Ambiguous is a 2003 Japanese Pink film directed by Toshiya Ueno. It was chosen as Best Film of the year at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony.
Five suicidal people meet on the Internet and form a 'suicide group'. They all have reasons for which they want to terminate their lives. They arrange to meet at one of the member's homes to spend their last hours together. One of the women hastily kills herself in front of the others. The remaining four members decide to deal with their problems and live.
Based loosely on an actual account that took place in Japan. Life, sex and redemption. Ambiguous also stars Nikki Sasaki (Nurse Sisters, Cuffs). Pink Cinema at its darkest...

Also known As: Group Suicide: The Last Supper.

Full of interesting shots and novel ideas, such as intertitles featuring written quotes portraying the thoughts and motives of characters in a Battle Royale kind of style, as well as showing a full and extremely plausible range of extremely dehumanising character motivations, this movie is a great deal more rounded than you might imagine. According to the blurb on the back of the Sacrament DVD box, it's 'loosely based' on a true story of recent events that took place in Japan, although what events those may be is anyone's guess.

Considering it's obviously a no-budget movie, Ambiguous actually looks pretty good. There's an unusual, muted blue/green dusk tint throughout which makes the whole piece convey a certain atmosphere of having been removed from the bustling daytime world. The characters are living in a sort of silent emotional twilight, and the look of the movie reflects that very neatly. There is also no incidental music of any kind, which also lends the piece a realistic feel and a tangible air of sadness: it's almost as though any musical accompaniment would be inappropriate, given the storyline.

It's also very well-paced: even at a runtime of only 63 minutes, each character is properly fleshed out enough for the viewer to develop a relationship and sympathy with them, and at no point does the film lag badly. Likewise, the acting is rather good: Hidehisa Ebata is likeable and credible in the central role of the warm-hearted seal-maker Hanko, and the rest of the cast carry themselves well, each giving a good, believable performance rich with melancholic desperation.




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