Cruelty: Black Rose Torture (1975)

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Cruelty: Black Rose Torture (1975)
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Language: Japanese | Subs: English hardcoded
Genre: Drama, Pinku violence | Japan

In pre-war Japan, Yumiko, an aristocratic lady, accompanied by her maid are on their way to Tokyo to see her brother, who the pair haven't seen in over a year. Yumiko's brother is embroiled in some sort of revolutionary group (to the disdain of the government) and the maid has a pretty big crush on the brother. During the train-ride, the maid is raped by an Officer. Upon meeting with Yumiko's brother - he is quickly made to go on the run when the cops come a-knocking due to his underground political affiliation. The cops take the two women hostage and "interrogate" them by beating and raping them. The women are eventually freed when Yumiko gives up her brother's whereabouts. Two years later, during the war, the government confiscates Yumiko's estate, turning it into a torture chamber for the inquisition of prisoners. Yumiko and her maid are among those who are subjected to sexual indignities. Yumiko's brother has been reformed by the government and is now a soldier. Yumiko has become insane with grief and guilt, and the maid is the only one holding the home together. A shady Officer (who was the maid's previous train-rapist) makes a deal with her, that if she willingly gives her body to the local officers, he will call Yumiko's brother back from duty. This eventually happens after the brother loses his sight in the war. Upon his homecoming, things are not as happy as may have been expected, and things end badly for everyone involved...


Pinku fans that only dig the really sleazy material probably won't get a whole lot from CRUELTY: BLACK ROSE TORTURE. This is definitely another example of a pinku film where the name is a bit more risqué than the actual film portrays. Don't get me wrong - there is the requisite nudity, rape, and misogynistic "torture" - but those elements definitely take a back-seat to the pretty "heavy" storyline. A good film overall if you're in the mood for a headier piece of exploit cinema, and will definitely be of interest to hardcore pinku fans.
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