Piccole labbra (1978)

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Piccole labbra (1978)
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Country: Spain, Italy | Language: Italian | Subtitle: none
Genre: Drama


IMDB user review

There was a time when one's age played less a role in relationships than our current society demands today. It was very common 2 generations ago for women of 13 years old to give birth - especially at a time of, or after war. This film shows how love can develop during such a time and provides an example of unrestricted affection. The French artist who directed this film did not feel an obligation to be sensitive to the feelings of USA viewers, so don't be swayed by the moralistic outrage these people feel obligated to spew. Watch the movie and decide for yourself. While doing so, ask yourself how WAR and VIOLENCE could have ever gained such universal and unquestioning acceptance in our current society than LOVE and SEX -- regardless the form. Which is more obscene ?

Part 1: Piccole labbra (1978)
Part 2: Piccole labbra (1978)
Part 3: Piccole labbra (1978)

Part 1: Piccole labbra (1978)
Part 2: Piccole labbra (1978)
Part 3: Piccole labbra (1978)

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