Student Services (2010)

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Student Services / Mes chères études (2010)
DVD5 (VIDEO_TS) | NTSC 16:9 (720x480) | 01:47:43 | 3,98 Gb
Audio: French AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English, Spanish
Genre: Drama | France

A cash strapped college student goes to work as an escort in order to make ends meet, only to realize that her education has taken a back seat to her budding career in the pleasure industry. In her struggle to stay financially stable during her first year at the university, 19 year old Laura (Deborah Francois) discovers that a part-time job just won't pay the bills. Then, just when Laura is at her most desperate, she sees an internet ad from a man who's willing to pay £100 an hour to spend an intimate evening with a willing student. Compelled by the lure of some easy money, Laura answers the ad. Later, despite a promise to herself that this will be a once time occurrence, Laura finds herself falling into a new bed every night, and making more money than she ever thought possible. By the time Laura realizes she has stumbled into the downward spiral of prostitution, she begins to doubt her ability to break free from temptation, and finish her education.


Student Services is a French independent film that deals with a very taboo subject: teenage prostitution. The beautiful Deborah Francois (Unmade Beds) gives a solid performance in this gritty tale of desperation and falling on hard times. IFC Films presents this movie on DVD and those who enjoy dark sexy dramas may want to check it out.

Laura (Francois) is a hardworking 19-year-old college student who wants good grades very badly. She has a part-time job and struggles to make ends meet that is until she answers a job ad on the Internet. The ad is from a man in his 50s who seeks a female student for “tender moments.” Laura agrees to meet the man and soon sexual favors are being exchanged for money. Content that she is getting income, she eventually becomes a hooker for a hire satisfying middle-aged men and bringing their fantasies of being with a younger woman to life.

At first, Laura decides to make some extra cash with this whole prostitution enterprise however it soon becomes a regular job. With money in her pocket, Laura continues to pleasure men and at the same time focuses strongly on her college education.

Spoken in French with English subtitles, Student Services is a very interesting story of a girl who will do pretty much anything to get by. Francois is terrific as Laura, a strong young woman who is basically just trying to survive in the real world. Writer/director Emmanuelle Bercot (Clement) has crafted a truly beautiful film. The characters are well-developed, the script is genuine and the acting is realistic. Student Services is just exquisite.
Randall Unger, JustPressPlay


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avi format please.
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Thanks for this full DVD share, looks like a good film.
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thank you! was waiting for a movie with deborah francois since seeing La tourneuse de pages
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Thanks a lot for this post!!!
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