The Girl from Nowhere / La fille de nulle part (2012) [Re-UP]

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The Girl from Nowhere (2012)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 16:9 | 01:31:00 | 3,50 Gb
Audio: French AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subs: English hardcoded
Genre: Drama

Director: Jean-Claude Brisseau
Stars: Virginie Legeay, Claude Morel, Lise Bellynck

The Girl from Nowhere is more restrained and personal and less ambitious, compared to his other recent films, indeed not at all what you'd expect from Brisseau. Any older man who is a little lonely can sympathize. Because this is a simple dream for such a man: that he will find someone to spend his last years (or his last moments) with, someone pretty, sprightly, and smart.
Lost in a maze of his philosophizing while trying to write a book, a retired math teacher is forced to deal with the real world when he must rescue a young woman from the clutches of a thug outside his Paris apartment. What the teacher doesn’t know is that this woman may be his muse, a mystical agent or an angel of death.

Is belief an illusion to give people false hope, or is nothingness more unbearable? Jean-Claude Brisseau’s return to the screen is a brooding film of discussion and reclusive pondering about politics, art and religion – but don’t expect an answer.

Michel (played by Jean-Claude Brisseau) lives a reclusive life, locked in his apartment researching a book which never seems to get written. One day his silence is interrupted by the sounds of violence. Opening his door, he discovers a young girl being brutally beaten by her lover. Chasing him away, he takes the girl in, starting a strange relationship between muse and recluse. Caring for her in isolation, her youth breaks down his seemingly endless contemplation of illusion. She enters his life, and just as he starts to get attached to Dora (Virginie Legeay), she leaves. But not before the noises and the paranormal investigation start…

That is when the film becomes very hard to define. It is a gentle, thought-provoking journey, but not without its unnerving undertones. To describe it does not give an accurate representation of the film. If I’m being honest to the plot I would have to mention table tilting, surreal lesbian nakedness, and tall deathly figures. But you should not go into this film expecting a usual take on such horror staples. There are Lynchian moments of surreal horror and surprise weaved into the paranormal investigation that marks Dora’s return to Michel. With the blood-red lighting and the tableaus reminding you of a William Blake engraving, viewers will be shocked by the contrast with the gentle plot and acting.

This isn’t however a ghost film. These moments, especially the first one which I will admit scared me to death, are shrugged off with a beautiful French shrug of acceptance, the phenomena merely provoking more discussion on spiritualism, reincarnation and how to respond to such visions. You see, you hear, you jump, but you return quickly to a state of calm nothingness. This is the unusual joy of this film – you don’t feel disappointed, just happy to return to the isolation of contemplation.

There are many references to Victor Hugo: how the author’s life intertwined with his work, his loss of Leopaldine, his beliefs in Spiritualism. As much as Brisseau wants Michel’s growing obsession with Dora to replicate Jean Valjean and Corsette, it is creepier than intended. He tries to convince her she is a reincarnation of his wife, and then proposes marriage as a tax dodge to him leaving her everything. As much as it explores the need to find meaning in the paranormal and unusual, you can’t help but feel it is a bit over played.

Filmed on a shoe string compared to many TV movies ($62,000), some of the outdoor scenes remind you of the French language programmes you would watch in school. It does however make you crave the characters’ return to the peace of the apartment. Unlike Brisseau’s previous films, which are heavily stylistic with larger budgets for lush interiors, this film was completely created on digital film. The sets are his own flat and the actors unknown. The Girl from Nowhere is a call for film makers to return to their roots.

The Girl from Nowhere is quite elusive to describe – what is real and what isn’t is for you to decide and ponder.

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