Female Teacher: In Front of the Students (1982) [Re-UP]

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Female Teacher: In Front of the Students (1982)
DVD5 | ISO | NTSC 16:9 | 01:10:21 | 4,15 Gb
Audio: Japanese AC3 2.0 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Drama, Pinku

Director: Yasuaki Uegaki
Stars: Rushia Santô, Tôru Nakane, Rina Oka

The lovely Reiko has taken a new teaching job at a creepy old high school. She is an extremely attractive woman and the young students in her class have fallen for her. One night, after tennis practice, she is brutally assaulted in the locker room shower by a man with a stocking over his face. Left on the floor naked and in shock, she discovers a single puzzle piece left behind by the crazed man. A few days later, a pair of students enact a perverted sexual revenge on Reiko for kicking someone off the tennis team. Could one of these students be the man who brutalized her in the locker room? Who owns the strange puzzle piece? As the mystery unfolds, Reiko must come to terms with her own sexual urges and fate.

Reiko has just started a new job at a high school teaching English and coaching tennis. She is a young attractive teacher that is well aware that the students have fallen for her. One night after tennis practice she is attacked and raped in the shower room by a masked man leaving only a jigsaw puzzle piece behind. Just a few days later a pair of her students who happen to be a couple kidnap Reiko and perform perverted acts on her for kicking the boy off the tennis team for mistreating other students.

After being released the teacher continues her search to find who dropped the puzzle piece and is led to another teacher who does jigsaw puzzles in his spare time but Reiko doesn't quite find what she is looking for. After another encounter with the students Reiko begins to come to terms with her feelings and urges while discovering the identity of the person behind the puzzle piece.

FEMALE TEACHER: IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS is quite an exploitative 70 minutes. With everything from shower rape, to group sex with students and a bit of kidnapping and torture Yasurou Uegaki has made one of the most brutal films released to date in this particular line of DVDs.

Directed by Yasurou Uegaki, 1982’s Female Teacher: In Front Of The Students follows a beautiful young school teacher named Reiko (Rushia Santo) who takes a job at a high school only to be raped shortly after starting. Her assailant had a mask on during the whole ordeal and so she’s not really able to identify him – though he did, oddly enough, leave a single puzzle piece in the shower area where he did the dirty deed to her.

For whatever reason – be it fear, concerns of a social stigma or just the fact that she can’t identify the culprit, Reiko doesn’t bother going to the police but instead decides to figure out who the rapist is on her own. This leads to a series of strange events in which Reiko tries to figure out not only who did what to her but why she seems to be both fascinated and highly aroused by what she’s been through. As all of this is going on, some of Reiko’s students take a dislike to her and decide to exact their own sinister revenge.

Political correctness be damned, this one makes no qualms whatsoever about playing the rape angle for kinky kicks. Whereas Sam Peckinpah certainly hinted at Amy Sumner getting some enjoyment out of being raped in Straw Dogs, here Yasurou Uegaki leaves none of that open to interpretation. What you get out of that in terms of viewing pleasure will, quite obviously, vary from one viewer to the next but this film takes us to some pretty dark places as Reiko explores her own sexual hang-ups while trying to solve the mystery of the rapist’s identity. This leads to various sexual acts, some rougher than others, as well as some rather strong acts of humiliation and even some lesbian experimentation.

At the dirty heart of all of this is lovely Rushia Santo, a genuinely beautiful woman with soft, attractive features who looks deceivingly innocent here. More than just another pretty face, she’s also got the acting skills to back it up. As such, as she deals with the rollercoaster of emotions that she has to deal with the in the wake of what she’s gone through, she’s convincing enough here that we’re taken along for the ride. Yasurou Uegaki paces the film well, working in the obligatory sex scenes without completely taking you out of the story and without padding the film. The picture is well shot and features nice production values and an effective score. Despite all this, the content of the film is bound to rub some the wrong way – though keeping in mind that it is a movie meant to explore the correlation between aggressor and victim and that it is a complete work of fiction made by and for consenting adults, it would seem silly to get too up in arms about what the film may or may not be saying.

Well made, very well acted and considerably more challenging, Female Teacher: In Front Of The Students is more likely to appeal to those with a taste for the darker side of sexploitation. If you fall into that group, by all means, seek this out as it’s quite well done.

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