Oedipus orca (1977)

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Oedipus orca (1977)
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Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama

Star former German Playboy Playmate Rena Niehaus as the kidnapping victim Alice. Here she tries to come to terms with her ordeal with the help of her parents and boyfriend. It becomes evident that Alice has some developed some deep rooted psychosexual issues from her harrowing abduction, when she returns to the room where she was held prisoner, and masturbates to the memory of having sex with one of her captors while lying down inside the blood stained chalk outline of his body. Later, Alice seduces her mother's old boyfriend - the man she suspects is her real father!


The German former Playboy Playmate Neihaus gives a very decent performance (and she takes her clothes off frequently both in the new scenes and the flashbacks). The other performances are also pretty good, and the film is generally well made, but the story just isn't nearly as compelling as in the previous film. (It actually reminded me of the Ornella Muti-Eleanora Giorgi film "Appassionata", which also featured actor Gabriele Frezetti in the father role, more than the original "La Orca", but it wasn't as good as that one either). It is kind of interesting--and worth seeing I guess--but certainly not as good as the first film.
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