Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood - 6 chapters (1995)

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Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood - 6 chapters (1995)
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Art-house, Comedy, Documentary, History of Cinema

Chronicles the birth of European cinema, from the Lumiere brothers to World War I, and then the first golden age of Swedish cinema, from the formation of Svenska Bio to the departure for Hollywood of Stiller and Sjöström. The French build the first studio, invent the traveling shot, and experiment in sound. Max Linder becomes the first comedic star. The Italians do spectacle and early realism. Germans invent film propaganda and have Lubitsch. The Danish cinema is rich before the war. An affectionate portrait of Swedish cinema appreciates its cinematography, led by Jaenzon, its conversion of novels into film, and the emergence of a production company that owned its own theaters.

IMDb info
Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Jean-Louis Trintignant and Sidney Gilliat
Production land: uk
Run time: ~ 6x58 min
Directors: Kevin Brownlow & David Gill

1-Where It All Began
2-Art's Promised Land
3-The Unchained Camera
4-The Music of Ligh
5-Opportunity Lost
6-End of an Era


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Thank you.
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dear alexov85,

T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!

only just finished part 1 and gave it a brief glance ..... seems worth every minute of downloading. will certainly check out all your other uploads.

look forward to finish DLing the other 5 parts and watching them ASAP.

very best regards from the UK, wishing you a nice weekend.

Posted By: FreddieCouples Date: 20 May 2011 22:27:47
Could be good...thx.
Posted By: b1gnell Date: 14 Dec 2011 20:59:21
Torrent downloads:

Episode One - http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Cinema-Europe-Episode-1-Where-It-All-Began/35141c0453c9c60742081b562df6340bae50136d8e93
Episode Two - http://btjunkie.org/torrent/Cinema-Europe-Episode-2/35141235382547695251b12bc2c2be51fbf780092152

I will be seeding for a few months and will upload the other 4 soon

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hey - finally found this entry, but as you know, filesonic is long gone!
it would be great if you were able to re-up these files.
certainly, it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance and for you other offerings.