Angel of the Skies (2013)

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Angel of the Skies (2013)
DVDRip | MKV | 720 x 300 | x264 @ 1010 Kbps | English AAC 2.0 @ 128 Kbps + English subs | 98 min | 846 Mb
Genre: War, Drama

War is declared and Britain must take action against Nazi Germany if Europe is going to be saved from its ruthless clutches. Determined to beat the enemy Flt. Office Earl Kirk, a young South African pilot, volunteers his services to the Royal Air Force, sacrificing his family, his future and himself in the fight against evil. Whilst in combat, surrounded by bombers and under relentless attack, Kirk must make the decision that could change his and his crew's life forever. Plummeting through the air, they are forced to leave the safety of their aircraft and parachute directly into Nazi occupied land. Following a South African Pilot, Captain Earl Kirk, who volunteered to fight for the Royal Air Force during the height of Air Marshal Harris' bombing campaign over Nazi Germany, we are thrust into an action packed story of Kirk and his men's fight for survival when their bomber is shot down over Germany. Battling to get home to complete their mission and see their loved ones, this RAF crew are relentlessly hunted by a vengeful German SS Officer, who will stop at nothing to capture and make prisoners of these men. Kirk must lead his crew to freedom or else risk becoming yet another casualty of war...

I rather liked the slowish pace in the beginning. I really was able to get to know each character and hence care about them as their various fortunes unfolded. If anything I could have had more character building, only because I occasionally got a tad confused between two of the airmen who looked alike. Overall, a superb and surprising film that manages to capture the allure of those old classic war movies that many of us oldies grew up on. Guns of Navarone, Battle of Britain, the Dirty Dozen. Yet the film has also succeeded in being contemporary. There were moments when it resonated and drew triggers from and with Inglorious Basterds, A delight to watch a 'home spun' film made with such technical expertise with a dead straight storyline with the magical and universal appeal of a boys own adventure novel. My only slight criticism was with the texture of the dialogue which sometimes had a audio quality that seemed not to match the environment it was enacted within. Thanks!
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