Donatella Damiani - Il peccato di Lola

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Donatella Damiani - Il peccato di Lola
italian | Subtitle: no | 25:56 | 704 x 416 | PAL (25fps) | DivX | 1985 | 170 MB
Genre: Drama - Erotic

sexy Italian-made thriller; directed by Bruno Gaburro; starring Donatella Damiani Peter Bomm Maurice Poli Gabriele Tinti and Sandra Mantegna; original Italian title IL PECCATO DI LOLA (The Sin Of Lola)

IL PECCATO DI LOLA - The fantastic, busty and incredibly sexy Donatella Damiani made a mere eight Italian-language films in her all-too-brief career in the late seventies and early eighties. She was featured in films directed by Fellini and in others alongside Gloria Guida. Perhaps her most well-known turn is as the bodacious housefrau in HONEY. IL PECCATO DI LOLA (Lola's Sin) is her last and sexiest role and she is the star of the film. Directed by Bruno Gaburro and released in 1985, this erotic thriller stars Scott Coffey and a very young man who finds himself wrapped up in a murderous affair with the lovely Donatella. After a series of fabulously wild nights, Coffey finds Damiani dead. Or is she really??!! Also starring the great Gabriele Tinti. This original version is uncut and in Italian. All of Damiani's incredible scenes are intact.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


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very nice!!!!!!!

older-women-and-younger-men genre - my favorite!!!

thank you for all the links here!!!!
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Damiani is exquisite. Any idea where to find Miele Di Donna, her movie with Clio Goldsmith?