Stephen Chow - The God of Cookery 1996 [Dual Audio]

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The God of Cookery
Cantonese Chinese | Subtitle : Chinese | 1h:00 | XVid 576x320 | 128 kbps mp3 | 23 fps | 780 MB

Stephen Chow is “Sik San,” the self-styled God of Cookery, an arrogant restaurateur who uses his image to launch substandard restaurants and poor quality instant food. He loses it all when he’s betrayed by his employees Ng Man-Tat (unrecognizable with white hair and sans moustache) and Vincent Kok, who becomes the new God of Cookery. At his wits end, Chow lands on Temple Street where he’s saved by the ugly Sister Turkey (Karen Mok), who uses her triad to help him regain his self-respect. They launch a small business marketing Chow’s new “Explosive Pissing Beef Balls.” Eventually, Chow must challenge Kok to regain his title, but not before he heads to Mainland China to learn the cooking fundamentals that he’s sorely lacking. God of Cookery parodies other cooking comedies like The Chinese Feast, as well as giving us the usual Chow themes, i.e. arrogant big shot falls from grace and achieves redemption. As Sik San, Chow doesn’t even have to sweat. He’s played this character time and time again. That said, he does it extremely well and Karen Mok is very good as the ugly Sister Turkey. The ending goes a bit astray, but that’s the only real complaint. A bit more stylishly told than Chow and Lee Lik-Chi’s earlier efforts (a lot of temporal shifting and narrative hijinks go on), this film doesn’t disappoint. It’s a mishmash of all the familiar Chow elements, and darn near perfect as Chow films go.


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Posted By: AlanBangs Date: 01 Aug 2007 12:25:07
part 8 is missing ;-))))
Posted By: livium Date: 02 Aug 2007 01:29:31
instead of part 8, another copy of part 6 appears.
Posted By: peacekeeper Date: 02 Aug 2007 12:49:22
This is part 8.http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0Y2XOTYO

Thang nay no khung khung, lau lau post thieu link. Mong anh em dung trach!
This guy's crazy, sometime he missed links in his post. Bros don't mind, pls!
Posted By: victor123sgp Date: 16 Aug 2007 03:35:48
CD2 (part2) is missing. The movie only plays for ~1 hour.