The Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio (1971)

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The Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio (1971)
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Genre: Comedy

This was a funny take on the Pinocchio fairy tale. In this case, Gipetta creates a Pinocchio who's intended not as a son, but as a lover, for the lonely wood carver. She takes him to bed, but is saddened that he is only a wooden figure. When she takes a walk, Pinocchio is animated by his Fairy Godmother (Dyanne Thorne, who has some funny lines and a malfunctioning magic wand). Warned by not to do the wrong thing, Pinocchio himself goes for a walk, and runs into a conniving pimp, Jo Jo (played by Eduardo Ranez, doing a good job at playing sleazy). From there, it's funny though a bit predictable.

Alex Roman ... Pinocchio
Monica Gayle ... Gepetta
Dyanne Thorne ... Fairy Godmother
Karen Smith ... Mabella
Eduardo Ranez ... Jo Jo
Lavina Dawson ... Maid
Debbie Osborne ... Angelica
Vincene Wallace ... Beatrice
Neola Graef ... Carlotta
Gwen Van Dam ... Madam Suburbia
Elizabeth Bell ... La Contessa

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