Lady Winter / Perinbaba (1985) [Re-UP]

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Lady Winter / Perinbaba (1985) [Re-UP]

Lady Winter (1985)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 4:3 | Cover + DVD Scan | 01:29:46 | 3,74 Gb
Audio: Slovak AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | Subtitles: English, Slovak
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Director: Juraj Jakubisko
Stars: Giulietta Masina, Petra Vancíková, Tobias Hoesl

A fairy-tale about an old lady who takes care of snow and Jakub who does not fear death. It reflects the idea of people's longing for happiness, love and understanding, their effort to overcome troubles and win over death. It criticizes greed and evil desires.

IMDB - 8,0/10 | Wikipedia

AKA: The Feather Fairy (1985)

This is a really good movie. It s the film of my childhood, and I suppose that everybody in Slovakia and Czech Republic know this movie well. It s a cult film, some kind of fairytale, but not a common one. For the director Juraj Jakubisko is typical some oddity in his works,you have to see it to understand,some people look up on him as an eccentric, but I m sure many people will enjoy it. At least it s not suitable only for children:-)For these who do not understand who Perinbaba is, she s a woman giving snow to the earth and people of course. Baba means woman in slovak, some kind of an old odd woman, or a slang word for a teenage girl, and perina means a duvet, comforter(?) I can proudly recommend this slovak movie, featuring foreign actors.
Here's a seemingly simple fairy tale movie that's palpably beautiful on every level – visually,emotionally, and as an unfettered act of imagination.

Giulietta Masina is the Feather Fairy (Perinbaba), a grandmotherly character whose role is to provide snow for the world. Her interactions with the young boy are loving and ripe with wisdom and compassion. She is played physically by Federico Fellini's wife, and vocally by a talented Slovak actress. Her voice-over ability to define the character is no less powerful than Masina's, so that the role is a brilliant and seamless collaboration.

The film is gorgeous to watch, thanks to the spectacular Slovak mountain landscape location, and the straightforward beauty of white feathers seen floating against a sunny deep-blue sky.
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