La Minorenne (1974)

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La Minorenne (1974)
Italian | DVDRip | MKV | AVC 1975 kbps | 694x404 | 25 fps | 1.29 GB
Audio: AC3, 192 kbps | Stereo | 48000 Hz | Runtime: 1h 24mn | Subtitle: English
Genre: Comedy | Romance

Suffocated from the strict atmosphere of her high school, Valeria has been experiencing erotic dreams with sadistic motorcyclist rapists, a doctor who decides more than an exam is in order and a torturous priest whipping her in pure delight. After leaving school she finds out that the her bourgeois family setting has something to do with her recurring dreams and suppressed desires. She idealistically seeks out romance and love, but falls short time and time again...


Gloria Guida
Rosemary Dexter
Marco Guglielmi
Luciano Roffi
Fabrizio Moroni
Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Gabriella Lepori
Silvio Spaccesi
Nino Scardina

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